Enhanced Realism Mod V1.4



This is a nice mod with some good changes, such as a new view when you zoom.. Read the readme for a list of all the changes to the game :D Have fun



---    Enhanced Realism Modification     ---
---        for FarCry Fullversion        ---


This Mod is optimized for FarCry v1.1

It's primary a SINGLEPLAYER Modification but it's also MULTIPLAYER compatible.
(For Multiplayer => server and client version must be the same)

This Mod has been tested with FarCry v1.1
I don't recommend to use it with any older version than 1.1!
It works with the US, UK and the german version.


GAMEPLAYCHANGES in this Modification:

Overview for Version 1.4

-) Realistic Weapon reloading system:
   Allways the bulletcount of a full clip will be subtracted from the ammopool when reloading.
   Tactical Reloads are possible (one bullet stays in barrel if the weapon wasn't shot out)

-) Changes for Desert Eagle (Falcon):
   9 bullets per magazine, Autofire removed from Desert Eagle.
   (You have to press the trigger for each shot.)

-) Changes for AG36:
   Increased range of fire for Grenadelauncher, 3.5x Scope
   Firemodes: Full Auto, Semi Auto, Grenade.

-) Changes for OICW:
   30 bullets in primary magazine, 6 grenades in grenademagazine,
   6x Scope, Zoom in all firemodes possible (Rifle & Grenadelauncher)
   Firemodes: Full Auto, Semi Auto, Grenade.

-) Changes for Rocketlauncher:
   2x Scope, accelerated Rockets (Rockets reach a higher velocity)

-) Changes for M249: 200 bullets per magazine, Firerate slightly increased,
   new firingsound and tracereffects, recoil and accuracy tweaked
   (its now harder to hit someone while standing or moveing).

-) Changes for Sniperrifle:
   Sniper bullettrail removed, Scope has now a red aimdot.

-) Pickups (Ammo, Weapons) were adapted to match for weapon magazine sizes.

-) increased firingranges for all weapons.

-) Enemy AI will recognize shots from further distance.

-) Smoketrail from all types of grenades removed.

-) Explosion radius for Handgrenade increased.

-) increased firerate for mounted MiniGun.

-) Slightly increased MP5 damage.

-) Added cutwounds on playermodels when attacked with machete.
   (thanks to "Niall" for his work)

-) Reduced health for "The Big" Trigens.

-) Headshots on humans and trigens should kill now MUCH faster.

-) Tweaked the mutant rocketlauncher...
   (slower firerates, runs out of ammo, has to reload)

-) Accelerated Rockets! (looks great!!!)

-) Enemy AI has now less resistance against explosions.
   (including trigens => at least 2-3 Rockets should kill now the "big" Trigens)

-) New skins: Zodiac (military green), Glider and FN P90
   (thanks to "Protoberance" for P90, i improved it a bit)

-) faster destroyable vehicles with explosives (grenades, rockets).

-) better weaponposition in aiming mode for some weapons...
   (special thanks to "Alptraum23" for the great idea and support)



Extract all files and directories to the "..\Farcry\Mods" Folder.
A new directory should be created by the zipfile, if its done correctly.
Now, run the Game. Click "Mods" in the mainmenue and choose "EnhancedRealism*".
The Game should restart; After that the Mod is active!

You can also use the batchfile "Run_EnhancedRealism.bat" to start it on Win2k/XP.


Remove the "EnhancedRealism*" Folder from "..\Farcry\Mods"
It's done.

Have Fun.

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