Enhanced Realism v 1.4.5

Here's an update to one of the most popular weapons mods to FarCry to date.. This version is optimized for the 1.3 patch, which you can get...


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Here's an update to one of the most popular weapons mods to FarCry to date.. This version is optimized for the 1.3 patch, which you can get HERE if you don't already have it :D Read the readme below for a complete list of the changes :rock:

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Download 'enhancedrealism_v11.4.5_for_fc_v1.3.zip' (2.61MB)

---    Enhanced Realism Modification     ---
---        for FarCry Fullversion        ---


This Mod is optimized for FarCry v1.3

It's primary a SINGLEPLAYER Modification but it's also MULTIPLAYER compatible.
(For Multiplayer => server and client version must be the same)

This Mod has been tested with FarCry v1.3
I don't recommend to use it with any older version than 1.3!
It works with the US, UK and the german version.


GAMEPLAYCHANGES in this Modification:

Overview for Version 1.4.5

-) Realistic Weapon reloading system:
   Allways the bulletcount of a full clip will be subtracted from the ammopool
   when reloading and the remaining bullets from the previous clip would be dropped.
   Tactical Reloads are possible (one bullet stays in barrel if the weapon wasn't shot out)

-) Changes for Desert Eagle (Falcon):
   9 bullets per magazine, Autofire removed from Desert Eagle.
   (You have to press the trigger for each shot.)

-) Changes for AG36:
   Increased range of fire for Grenadelauncher, 3.5x Scope

-) Changes for OICW:
   30 bullets in primary magazine, 6 grenades in grenademagazine,
   6x Scope, Zoom in all firemodes possible (Rifle & Grenadelauncher)

-) Changes for Rocketlauncher:
   2x Scope, accelerated Rockets (Rockets reach a higher velocity)
   removed crosshair in non scoped mode. 4 rockets per magazine for
   Singleplayer and 1 rocket per magazine in Multiplayer 

-) Changes for M249: 200 bullets per magazine, Firerate slightly increased,
   new firingsound and tracereffects, recoil and accuracy tweaked
   (its now harder to hit someone while standing or moveing).

-) Changes for Sniperrifle:
   Sniper bullettrail removed, Scope has now a red aimdot.
   Better aiming while breathholding!

-) Added crosshair to Binocular ( for exact range measurement )

-) Pickups (Ammo, Weapons) were adapted to match for weapon magazine sizes.

-) increased firingranges for all weapons.

-) Enemy AI will recognize shots from further distance.

-) Smoketrail from all types of grenades has been removed.

-) Explosionradius for Handgrenade increased.

-) increased firerate for mounted MiniGun.

-) Slightly increased MP5 damage.

-) Reduced health for 'The Big' Trigens.

-) Headshots on humans and trigens should kill now MUCH faster.

-) Tweaked the mutant rocketlauncher...
   (slower firerates, runs out of ammo, has to reload)

-) Accelerated Rockets! (looks great!!!)

-) Enemy AI has now less resistance against explosions.
   (including trigens => at least 2-3 Rockets should kill now the 'big' Trigens)

-) New skins: Zodiac (military green), Glider and FN P90
   (thanks to 'Protoberance' for P90, i improved it a bit)

-) better weaponposition in aiming mode for some weapons...
   (special thanks to 'Alptraum23' for the great idea and support)

Note: Since the Patch v1.2 for FC was released the 3rd Firemode for AG36 and OICW was buggy.
      (After switching the firemode for these weapons the magazine was always full)
      I haven't found a solution for that problem, so i had to remove them for this release :(



Extract all files and directories to the '..\Farcry\Mods' Folder.
A new directory should be created by the zipfile, if its done correctly.
Now, run the Game. Click 'Mods' in the mainmenue and choose 'EnhancedRealism'.
The Game should restart; After that the Mod is active!

You can also use the batchfile 'Run_EnhancedRealism.bat' to start it on Win2k/XP.


Remove the 'EnhancedRealism' Folder from '..\Farcry\Mods'
It's done.

Have Fun.

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