Escape From Camp 34

Everyone welcome a first-time developer to FarCryFiles! Onion Terror makes his debut with the release of his challenging map Escape From Ca...


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Everyone welcome a first-time developer to FarCryFiles! Onion Terror makes his debut with the release of his challenging map Escape From Camp 34

Running around and mindlessly shooting your way out of situations not tickling your fancy anymore? Are you looking for something different in your gaming experience? Do you want a map that utilizes planning and stealth? Want to put your skills to the test?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you're in luck, and in the right place! This is a great map for the stategic Far Cry player! As the title suggests, you're a prisnor on a remote island, with a dismal future...unless you do something about it.

Be sure to get the lay of the land before making any moves, as knowing where to go, and good places to hide will be instramental to your success...and your survival! Knowledge is power, like knowing the habits of the guards, and their patrol routes will be important, but finding objects and using them smartly will is key to getting out alive.

Once you complete this map, have some fun and go back to see if you can locate all of the objects and unlock the hidden extras!

This is definately a fun map to play and is well worth the price of a free download! Avoid the cyber-lines and get your copy now!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Escape From Camp 34 - Far Cry Single Player Map

In this map, things are very different to the objectives in the official release.
You have been imprisoned in Camp 34 on a remote island. You need to get to know the camp to be able to plan your escape. Find out where the guards patrol and try to locate some objects which you can use to make your way to escape through the main door.
There are other soldiers imprisoned with you but even though they look like mercs, they won't do anything to you. In fact, after being stuck in the camp for so long, they appear to have gone insane!
The only way you will have any chance of escape is by being careful and resourceful. Sneak your way around, hiding and getting hold of whatever you can.
If you manage to escape, go back and look for the hidden extras that are not on your normal path. It could be fun and maybe even very useful!

Instructions for playing.

After unzipping the folder, place it into your Far Cry\Levels\ folder, run the game as normal and then open the console (press the key to the left of the "1" key). Type in     \map camp34        and you ready to go.

If you want to send feedback, email it to onionterror1 (at) gmail (dot) com

I hope you enjoy it!

Onion Terror, 21 April 2007.

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