Another video showcasing Clivey's EU_Streets map has been released! This map is getting better and better, I for one, can't wait for it to be released! This is gonna be one helluva fun experience, I'm sure the testers are enjoying every last bit of it!

While I'm putting the finishing bits together today, here is a video of whats to come.

Good news! :thumbsup:

I've also included 2 of his unfinished models in the screenshot section, Looks good!



Its the EU_Streets map and Streets (Houses) model pack, which shows all the elements of why I did the model packs. It will show you how you can link up all the packs I've released and create some cool urban maps (well I think its cool anyway )

Despite all the objects, polys never ever go above 100,000.

Hopefully you now know why I didnt model the very large City models to be fully enterable as I saved it for the players on the ground.

If you download this video, it now shows off the lighting on the map, which the last video didnt have. 
Personally I think it make it looks soooo much better.

Download and enjoy.

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