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Clivey has released the EU_Streets Model Pack and with it he says that this is will be the last Urban model pack he does, as the community n...


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Clivey has released the EU_Streets Model Pack and with it he says that this is will be the last Urban model pack he does, as the community now has his graveyard, city, shops and now street models; With the release of his final pack, hopefully we will see some really good urban maps come out. The eu_Streets map itself will be out in the next few days.

Good job Clivey, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say...can't wait for the release!! :thumbsup:

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Download 'streetmodels.rar' (10.22MB)

The Houses:
The pack contains the houses, all of which you can enter upstairs and down and are texured outside and in (wallpaper). 
There are 5 parts to the houses
1) The Base of the house (includes front walkway)
2) The lower floor (drainpipes included in pack)
3) The upper floor (additional bed, warddrobe etc included in pack)
4) The roof (TV aerial and Sat dish included in pack)
5) The Garden. (Shed and conservatory included in pack)

All of the packs I have produced will all blend in with each other, from the graveyard, City, Shops and now the side urban streets. I have tried to re-use as many textures as I could to avoid map distrubution sizes being too big. 

I will release the .cry file for eu_Streets once the multiplayer eu_mappack has been released so you can see how it fits together if you cant work it out.

I appreciate that this may not be some peoples view of urban, how they see it, but remember, we all live in different cultures and environments. While some may see this as urban, europeans may not, because you dont live in this style of city.

For those that dont like my detail, I dont have 3yrs and 30 people behind me, we could all produce a masterpiece, but I'm on my own, thus its the best I can do in the time I have.  

At least something is better than nothing.  

Permissions: You have permission to do anything you want with these models. You can retexture, redo the polys, delete them.  I dont need or want credits nor do I want you to email me asking for permission. I have released them so you can have fun with them.  

This will be my last contribution for a while. Go and play and have fun.  


Edit: I know some gizmo's are offset compared to the model. This was done on purpose to meet my needs for eu_Streets. Also, there are lods for the house parts. These can be used as lods or to stop players entering that row of houses as the lods have front/back doors shut. The detail in the lods was not having the interior modeled, so the exterior says the same.

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