This is essentially the same mappack as the previous release (v1.1), however, a bug was found in one of the maps (EU_Gorge) which caused pro...


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This is essentially the same mappack as the previous release (v1.1), however, a bug was found in one of the maps (EU_Gorge) which caused problems. The developers of this mappack thought it best to re-release the EUMappack with the fix in place. Everything else pertaining to this release remains unchanged.

Please note: If you have not downloaded any previous versions of this mappack, this continue on, as this (v1.1b) is all that's needed. If you have downloaded the 1.1 version already, then you need to download the hotfix for it.

A great collaboration from some extremely talented clan members from across the pond! These guys have put together a mappack some of the best maps I've seen in awhile for the enjoyment of the FarCry community, and I, for one, am happy to be able to host it! What makes this a great collaboration, is the fact that these members are from different clans, (UBW, 22ndSAS, A4F, SG and KERPO) and some of these maps can only be found in this mappack!

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Download 'eumappack11b.exe' (144.47MB)

In december we have released the European Assault map pack  version 1.0; In the meantime we have been working hard on a patch. All maps in there have been fixed/adjusted for better gameplay and 2 new maps are added. These two maps are totally renewing for the FC multiplayer experience. Both maps are made in a completely urban environment and mostly built with custom models, this was done in version 1.1. 
In mid-March, after a crash bug was found in EU_Gorge, a hotfix was developed, along with a new mappack containing the fix, this is version 1.1b.

Selected maps:

1) Stronghold *Exlusively on EU pack*
Crytek 64 bit map that has been completely optimised and has improved gameplay, by A4F Manglord. 
2) Gorge *Exlusively on EU pack*
Another Crytek 64 bit map that originally had big gameplay issues and performance issues. It has been greatly improved by UBW Clivey and now runs as smooth as other standard maps and gameplay is completely different!
3) Temple 
Great looking map by A4F Manglord. Optimised version with adjusted first flag.
4) Landslide 
Another great map by A4F Manglord.
5) Tese 
I think a map unknown to most people, but a very cool and fun map to play made by Tatane and modified by [22ndSAS] Hervig.
6) Handara *Exlusively on EU pack*
Visually stunning map created by Ancalimon. This map has eyecandy as well as good gameplay.
7) Helix 3 flag version *Exlusively on EU pack*
Map by Beloved Monster who has created a 3 flag optimised version especially for this map pack.
8) Castle *Exlusively on EU pack*
New and exclusive EU map. The latest piece of art by A4F Manglord. Awesome map. Feels like ruins meets urbanwar 2!! 

Plus the addition of :

Other features:

- universal loadscreen 
- a unique easily recognisable prefix. All map names start with eu_<mapname>
- a solid installer
- solid support and possibility to provide feedback after release.

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