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In addition to improvements to existing content, the AMD64 version includes additional multiplayer levels and areas that can only be accesse...


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In addition to improvements to existing content, the AMD64 version includes additional multiplayer levels and areas that can only be accessed in the 64-bit version of the game. Check out the screen shots below to see the new areas and additional physics in the game.

Captions (from left to right): |- The barrel storage area is not part of the original game. In the Pier Level, you can find the area by traveling southeast from the Mercenary Camp past the two abandoned tanks. Then, turn due south down the path until you arrive in the barrel storage area. |- The AMD64 version adds new explosive areas. Check out the number of objects in this explosion. Even the roof of the hut is part of the action. |- Above, check out the terrain in one of the new multiplayer levels in the AMD64 version. This level is called mp_gorge_amd64. You can only play this with the 64-bit upgrade. |- The second new multiplayer level is shown above. Check out the vehicles and expansive size of the level. This level is called mp_stronghold_amd64. You can only play this with the 64-bit upgrade.

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Download 'farcry_amd64_ecu.exe' (421.84MB)

Far Cry by Crytek Studios - AMD64 / WinXP Pro x64 exclusive content
Please be sure to read this in its entirety before proceeding to download the
Far Cry 64-bit upgrade and exclusive content. 

The AMD64 upgrades of Far Cry are meant to run on the final released version of
the new Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition. If you are running a Beta version
of this software, we cannot insure compatibility. To find out more about how to
obtain the final operating system, please go to

Please note that the goal of the AMD64 upgrades is to transform the 32-bit
version of the game into a 64-bit version of the game to be played on the
Windows XP Pro x64 Edition OS. If you would still like to play the 32-bit
retail version of the game after installing it on the 64-bit OS, you will need
to download the latest 32-bit patches. These can be found on the Ubisoft
website at: 

Please download and install patch 1.3 and patch 1.31. This should remedy any
problems you may have in playing the retail version of the game. 

One final note on the 32-bit version. If you have either Handwriting
Recognition turned on or if you have more than one input language set on your
system, you may not be able to launch the 32-bit version of the game. In order
to remedy this, please go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options ->
from the Languages tab choose the Details button. If you have more than one
input language installed or another keyboard layout in the Installed services
or the Handwriting Recognition is enabled, please go to the Advanced tab and
select "Turn off advanced text services". After you do this please restart
computer to ensure the memory was cleared successfully. Then when you are done
playing, please be sure to uncheck this again in order to continue using your
other Installed services properly. 

To uninstall the 64-bit upgrades, simply re-run the patch executables and it
will prompt you to remove the install. In the Exclusive Content upgrade, be
sure to choose the correct language. 

For Technical Support please choose one of the following links:
US: http://www.ubi.com/us/support/
UK: http://www.ubireg.com/uk/
France: http://supportfr.ubi.com/
Germany: http://www.ubisoft.de/bv/support/
Italy: http://www.ubi.com/IT
Spain: http://ubisoft.infiniteplayers.com/soporte.asp

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