Far Cry Polybump Offset Mapping Example

This package is an example of offset mapping shaders in Far Cry by Travis, applied to surfaces through the Sandbox editor.


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File Description

This package is an example of offset mapping shaders in Far Cry by Travis, applied to surfaces through the Sandbox editor.

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Download 'fcpolyoffset.rar' (6.02MB)


May 30, 2004


    /_\  |D\ u d e  |R\elease  for  |F /_\|R   C |R Y  1.1

    testoffset map

    Requires a Pixel Shader 2.0 Capable Video Card


Welcome to the Dude's (aka thedudemanguy on the official ubi Far Cry forums) simple offset bump mapping test version 0.01. The shaders used for this are already in the game thanks to Crytek, I just applied them to a few objects...


Installation - 

1. Unrar to FC\Levels directory (You probably already have) 
2. Start Far Cry, or start Far Cry in developer mode if you want to fly
3. When it has loaded press ~ (tilde) on the upper left of your keyboard most likely, then type the following

\map testoffset

and press return.


Notes - 

This is a primitive rush job of a test just done to satisfy other's curiosity about this type of bump mapping. The quality sucks, I know little about this type of bump mapping and I think there's plenty of room for improvement. 

Everything that has bump in this test is using offset, I had more interesting versions but lost them, but this will give you an idea

I noticed that the results can be influenced a lot by the diffuse texture... textures made with an understanding of this technique will probably fair better then those that use it without... also i wonder if doubling the diffuse texture size would increase quality (resolution "feels" lost in the process of using some of the image in the offset) unfortunately my system is crashing a lot thanks to a defunct vid card cooler and I can't try as much as I'd like at the moment...

Height map design is also fairly important, throwing a regular bump map in there will result in simply noise most likely, a height map is a different animal...

I did a comparison of bump map, normal map, and offset texture mapping at one point and this is what I concluded:

bump map - excellent for lit surface texture that isn't supposed to represent much additional surface or geometry,grains,cracks, etc,

normal map - the geometry faker, good for deep shadows and deep lighting effects that in many circumstances can give the illusion of much more complex and deep objects, fidelity tends to eventually give out in extreme close-ups though

offset - the depth tends to be even more impressive in offset although mainly under the circumstance that is being used where you can get close to the texture and it is enlarged... unlike other bump mapping offset actually benefits from a semi close perspective because what it is doing will be most noticeable... I think in most cases it won't be the choice for object or character detail, but is a good fit with terrain, floors, walls, and architecture in general



I've seen offset mapping with a sort of self shadowing and if I recall that's the kind they were showing off at the NV launch, but I haven't found it yet, may not be included yet, or I might just not know where to look, but that changes the process and design once again so I'd like to be dealing with that type as soon as possible


Q & A 

Q: Why is this demo so short and crappy?
A: Noodling around in a editor I don't know everything about, with new graphics techniques I don't know much about, testing a lot of failures just to get some basic functionality, computer crashes, in short this stuff is time consuming as heck. Considering game devs generally might like a life as well as their work I can understand why stuff takes so damn long to come out. You can help though by experimenting and giving back to the community yourself, the more people that do, the better things get and the faster they get that way... 



You are free to distribute this as a package, if the height textures are used in anything please gimme credit as I had to make them



The .cry file is included so you can examine and play with the materials, go nuts


Bye and thanks Crytek for the game of '04!

- Travis

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