managed to eliminate any bugs.As regards installation; Fear Cry requires the game Far Cry patched to version 1.4. Due to the size of the mod the author has used the RAR compression format. If you don't have a program capable of opening an RAR file then we'd recommend 7zip (http://www.7zip.org). After opening the downloaded file, you will see a folder "FearCry", which needs to be moved to the "Mods" folder in the FarCry directory.Your mission is to deliver the consignment to the appointed place. It's not easy, because it leads through enemy territory and enemies try to thwart transport. The consignment is also vulnerable to shocks and the road is long, slow and very dangerous. It will be hard work, a large portion will be spent fighting, and thinking logically. If you have a problem with buggy damage or lack of fuel, there are places where you can refuel or repair the buggy. You can also refuel buggy from finded canisters. Good luck and have fun.


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