First Contact: PlanetFall



First Contact: Planetfall is a First Person Sci-Fi action adventure game that will drop players into a fully realised alien world teeming with strange creatures and threatening alien enemies. Players must survive in this hostile alien environment while discovering a secret plot, buried beneath the surface of the planet that could spell the end of the human race.

This mod contains two adventurous levels with new creatures, enemies and plantlife. New game mechanics are introduced giving the player new weapons and equipment that will facilitate survival on this strange and hazardous alien world. Specifically, the player will have to maintain an 'Ethanol Supply' to power the functions of the players equipment such as environment scanning and ammo reloading by harvesting ethanol from the 'Gas Plants' that are dotted around the landscape. As the player, you will also encounter an indigenous race of aliens named the Emfobia that inhabit the planets forests.

The Shark in a Cube Mod team consists of seven students from The University of Salford, that have decided to create a total conversion of Far Cry.

  • Will Evans -- Producer, Artist/Designer
  • Toby Everett -- Level Design, Lead Sound and Music
  • Mike Bird -- Programmer, Assistant Sound and Music
  • Mike Roberts -- 3D Artist, Animator
  • Jenny Rathbone -- Art Director, 2D/Concept Artist, Assistant Sound and Music
  • Martin Palmer -- 3D Artist, Animator
  • James Boorer -- Lead Design, Game Director

The story line for this modification is a unique one...Dr. Rhea awakes in the crashed front section of the drop ship to find her team mates dead around her. Crawling out from the wreckage, she hears the crackle of a weak communication signal from the orbiting base ship, the Sword of Venture. After receiving news of what has befallen all five of the initial drop ships, she is told to retrieve what equipment she can from the dead and head to the main island.

After diving and retrieving a pistol from the sunken remains of the rear end of her drop ship, she makes it to the main island to find an alien forest that she must traverse in order to not only discover what has befallen the other drop ship crews, but also search for cultural artefacts from a local tribe of indigenous aliens, named the Emfobia, in order to try and discover if they had the means to cause the crashing of the ETRA drop ships

Refer to the readme for more information.



Requires Farcry Patch 1.33.

1.Install EXP Pack

2.Copy the "PARTICLES" folder into the Farcry\Editor folder overwriting the old folder.

3.Install First Contact: Planetfall

4.PLAY and ENJOY! :)

 First Contact: Planetfall is a single player, story driven first person action adventure mod based in the CryEngine. Our game modification will take the standard controls and game play of Far Cry and redefine a new set of game play mechanics that take emphasis away from that standard ‘Kill or be Killed’ first person shooter game play type

Players will take on the role of Dr Lucy Rhea, an expert in alien biological chemistry. Dr Rhea finds herself as the only survivor in the crash landing of her recon team's steath ship. She will soon learn that the Planet Hestia becomes a lot more than just another research project; Hestia is infact the host of a ancient threat mankind must face alone. Dr Rhea must now survive in this strange and dangerous world and find a way off Hestia to inform the Extra Terrestrial Recon Authority (E.T.R.A.) of the coming dangers.

Armed with just a Personal Scanning Assistant (P.S.A.) and a Standard E.T.R.A. pistol, the player must use different tactics than simply running in guns blazing.

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