Fists Of Fury + Fists Of Fury: OverClocked Edition

This is a great mod that let you use your fists instead of the machete. When the fists is equipped, you will run alot faster and therefore...


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This is a great mod that let you use your fists instead of the machete. When the fists is equipped, you will run alot faster and therefore it will be alot more fun to use Fist's instead of a Machete! ;)

This mod has been tested with FarCry V1.3

This mod allows you to use your fists instead of the machete, which allows for some close combat melee action. Just select Fists Of Fury from the mod menu and your ready to go.

If you want some extreme over the top melee action then select "Fists Of Fury: OverClocked Edition" from the mod menu. This makes an instant kill to anyone you punch and it sends then flying backwards several hundereds of feet. (Crouch by your target and look up slightly for best effect)

Send your enemies flying over the horizon!.

You must find and collect a machete to be able to use your fists first. :( Sorry. There is one located at the beginning of the game where you first emerge out of the cave. There is a machete in one of the huts.

BTW you throw one punch for everytime you click the mouse button so repeatedly click the mouse button really quickly to throw massive amounts of punches quickly!.

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Download '' (6.73MB)


Changes the mod makes:

1) you can hit people and other objects with your fists.

2) Appropriate sounds for hitting soldiers.

3) When fists are drawn you run faster, and sprint faster.

Warning: Fighting trigens with your fists is not recommended unless you have suicidal
tendencies. Also be careful when using your fists against merceneries with guns 
because they have a distinct advantage. ;) 



Inside the zip file move the folders "Fists_of_fury" and "Fists_of_fury_overclocked" 
into your Farcry mods directory. Click 'Mods' in the main menu and select "Fists of fury" 
or "fists of fury: Overclocked edition" depending on what you want.The Game will now 
restart with the mod being active. 


You can also use the batchfile "Run_fistoffury.bat in the "fists_of_fury" to run it that way
or "fists_of_fury_overclocked" depending on which mod you want to run.


You can go to the properties of your desktop shortcut for far cry and insert
"-mod:fists_of_fury" for that mod or "-mod:fists_of_fury_overclocked" for the extreme version after 
the farcry.exe (No quotation marks).

Like this for example: "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -mod:fists_of_fury
just keep in mind that the directory where your far cry is installed is probably different to the one 


Remove the 'Fists_of_fury' and 'Fists_of_fury_overclocked' folders from '..\Farcry\Mods'
LOL but why would you want to? ;)

Hope you enjoy using this mod as much as I enjoyed making it for the community.

James Walkden

FYI: Crytek made the hand models and the melee fist animations. The actual fist 
animations were hidden in the far cry installation but were never actually used in FarCry at all.

For any questions E-Mail me at:
[email protected]

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