God Mode



Can't cut it in single player fighting against the mighty merc's? Can't run around a corner and run into one of those freaky looking trijans without dieing at their first attack? This is the solution for you!

Instructions I noticed a few of you left comments saying you couldn't get it working, so i tested it and got it working... now just do as follows -Download, extract to your Farcry directory -run the batch file located in your farcry data folder, it's called "install" -then go into the scripts folder located in your farcry data folder, and copy the file called "scripts.pak" and paste it in your farcry - data directory.. if you already have a scripts.pak then rename the file that you are copying to scripts2.pak, if you already have a scripts2.pak then rename it to scripts3.pak.. then it should work for you :) -to use just start a new campaign and check the box that says "god mode", if your playing and your health decreases it doesnt mean its not working... your health will restore to the full amount if you lose all your health



Far Cry - GodMode

Mod by:    GiftJohnny
E-Mail:    [email protected]
ICQ: 	   110572353
Homepage:  http://farcry.ulray.ch


Extract the "FCData" folder in your /FarCry/ directory.
Run "Install.bat" in the /FarCry/FCData/
Check the "GodMode" Box in the New Game Menu and you'll have the GodMode.

Attention: I do not take over adhesion for your System! Installation on own danger!

You can contact me, if you have any problems or questions!

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