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We have a first time content submitter with us today, step up and give a warm welcome to spider222 as he submits his Demo for your gaming experience! What makes this download a little extra special is that it takes you back to the start of it all, that's right, it's time to warm up your copy of the classic Far Cry!

Half Robots starts off where the stock version of Far Cry ended, Jack s thrown back into the thick of things as he once again fights for his very survival! Once again, as Jack, you are charged with tracking down the elusive Doctor Krieger and dispensing the kind of justice that this particular madman deserves. If you think you have the cahones to face Krieger's army of invisible cyborgs, and walk away whistling, then start your download now!

The action has the potential to be intense as you make your way through the courtyard style area to the entrance of the Access tunnel; Once inside, there are corridors to navigate along with large rooms...Half Robots will take you back the Far Cry that you remember! Enjoy.

The fate of mankind lies in Jack's hands, the only question now is, will you be the one directing those hands?

Refer to the readme for more information.



MOD:			HalfRobots

Gametype:		Singleplayer

Language:		English

Author:			Spider

Release Date:		feb. 18th 2009(DEMO)

Start the setup-file, follow the instructions and install HalfRobots into your FarCry main dir.


Starting HalfRobots:

Use the created shortcut in the Startmenu or on your desktop to start HalfRobots.

Loading HalfRobots manually: Start Farcry, go into the mods menu select HalfRobots and press "load MOD".

HalfRobots provides a menu to start the level and load saved games.

Additional informations:

You need a proper instalation of FarCry and the 1.4 patch!!!
Spider thanks to:

Crytek and Ubisoft
Matto - Team
X -isle - Team
Freestyle Productions

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