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What started out as a simple compass and machete mod quickly turned into a 4-month, comprehensive modification of virtually EVERY element...


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What started out as a simple compass and machete mod quickly turned into a 4-month, comprehensive modification of virtually EVERY element of Far Cry Single Player and Multiplayer Campaigns! Everything from weapon sounds to the pretty fishies in the water have been revamped or altered. This does not affect anything patch-related such as weapon balance, game speed, physics, etc. Think of it as a cosmetic face-lift for Far Cry!

Multiplayer: A COMPLETE overhaul of ALL existing textures (guns, vehicles, scopes, world detail) and key sounds (all player weapson, items, explosions, etc). I have also added a victory "ballad" (runtime ~15 secs) to every flag capture, adding a heightened level of tension after each "cap". The mod is compatible with all game types and all game patches (most importantly v1.31). New loadscreens have been included for ALL MP Assault maps, including the new ones from the official CryTek and Unofficial FC Community Packs!

Single Player Campaign: Virtually all world detail objects and textures have been revamped. In some cases, like rocks, flora and fauna, the details are mostly "cosmetic". In other cases, the vehicles such as the C130 and Humvee, details and textures have been vastly improved.

Whereas traditional mods require being run from the 'MOD' menuscreen, K-9 Vision does not. The reasoning is two-fold: 1. Loading a mod from the 'Mod' menu requires Far Cry to restart - time consuming and if you try to go online, you will have to restart Far Cry AGAIN just to get on a server (since the server will most likely NOT be running the mod). 2. Traditional mods are NOT Multiplayer server compatible - unless a server is running the same mod that you are, you will NOT be able to get on. Rather, you will be prompted to REBOOT Far Cry and play at factory defaults. That is all fine and well, but as many of us have been playing FC for 6 months now, it WOULD be nice to spice multiplayer up a bit, thus... This mod runs straight from the Desktop (from the custom 'Wolf-Dog' icon I provided, if you choose). This method does not require a reboot, and also speeds up load time, as the Ubisoft, Crytek, and Sandbox Editor splash screens have been removed.

You will now have the added benefit of new weapon skins, sounds, effects, and more during online gameplay. No more having to wait for a mod to catch on large enough so that a suitable number of servers have it running. Last time I checked, 100% of all servers are running standard Far Cry as the mod - so not much hope there. With K-9 Vision, however, you can jump on any server you like without having to worry about what mod the server is or isn't running.

Note: The recent troubles were caused by a bug in all AVG based virus-scanner versions, if you get a warning there is no need to worry, this file is clean!

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Download 'far_cry_k9_vision_installer.exe' (296.89MB)

IMPORTANT : It is recommended that you create a dual-install of FarCry, that way you have a version of FC that will not be affected when going to these servers.


INSTALL THE LATEST PATCHES AND MAP PACKS FIRST!!! - A number of elements to be changed by this mod require the lastest versions of each, especially the map packs as their loadscreens will be replaced by new ones. If you put the new map packs in after installing the mod, you will see the original author loadscreens instead. Dealer's choice. 

STEP 1 -- Run Far Cry K-9 Vision Installer.exe 
STEP 2 -- Specify where FC is located 
STEP 3 -- Sit back and drink a STELLA while it installs 

***Please Note*** The following files WILL be overwritten by K9 Vision: 
1) Far Cryfcsplash.bmp – this the loadscreen you see when you first start FarCry, just before the Ubisoft & Sandbox Editor screens. If you are unsatisfied with this image, or would like one larger than 800 x 600, just look in the UbisoftCryTekFar Cry folder. Here, you will find a gallery of images to choose from. All have been created for the sole purpose of being a loadscreen, so there will be no issues of type getting cropped or the like. 
2) Far CryLanguagesMoviesDemoLoopsCryTek.bik – this is the island fly-thru you see behind the Far Cry menu screen. 
3) Far CryLanguagesMoviesEnglishCrytek.bik, Sandbox.bik, and Ubi.bik – these are the Ubisoft, Crytek, and Sandbox Editor screens you see on startup. If you like seeing these before playing, you will want to back these up. 
4) Far CryFCDataScripts.pak - various config files have been changed to accomodate new text information in game 


The following file will be added to your FCData folder: 

1) Far CryFCDatazzzzk9_vision.pak - this file is ESSENTIAL to the mod running, as 95% of all mod elements are in this file. It should be noted that having this file in your FCData folder will automatically get you KICKED from a PunkBuster File Whitelist-enabled server. It is recommended that you create a dual-install of FarCry, that way you have a version of FC that will not be affected when going to these servers. 


To Change the Far Cry Desktop Icon: 
1) Show of hands, who is bored of looking at Jack Carver's ugly mug on your desktop??? 
2) Right mouse click on the Ugly Jack Carver desktop icon. 
3) Select "Properties" at the bottom of the pop-up menu. 
4) Click on the "Change Icon" button. 
6) Click "Browse...". 
7) Go to CrytekFar CryBin32 (if it doesn't send you there automatically). 
8) Select 'ASSOCIATE ME WITH FARCRY.ico' and click the "Open" button. 
9) Far Cry will now appear in the Programs dialogue box. Click "OK" Button. 
10) Last step -- Click "Apply" 

Done! Bye-bye Jack! 

To Change the Far Cry Loadscreen: 
I have included several versions of the “fcsplash.bmp” loadscreen. The one that gets installed with K9 Vision is set at 800x600 resolution. 
1) Go to CrytekFar Cry -- you will find several versions there. 
2) Choose the one you want, and rename it to “fcsplash.bmp”. 


New Music and Wallpapers Gallery: 
1) If you click on the "Start" Windows button, and look under "All Programs..." you notice that there is a new folder titled "Far Cry K-9 Vision". 
2) Music -- click on the "D.O.G. Mixes" folder. You will see a few FC Mixes that I have made using samples from various FC levels. Check 'em out. 
3) Wallpaper Gallery -- these are the same images that are used for the alternate fcsplash.bmp loadscreens, just saved in a JPEG format suitable to using as your Desktop Background. Also a good way to check out the new loadscreens before choosing the one you want!

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