K9 Vision Mod



Hello everyone!

And here it finally is, the long awaited version 1.1 of the K9 Vision mod. For the very few guys who didn't know this mod before, the K9 Vision Mod is a total conversion mod for Far Cry which adds tons of new stuff such like skins, models and also new AI scripts. This version 1.1 includes a few Multiplayer fixes, but the main effort was clearly put into the SP mode which was one of the very few points of critism in the previous version. Almost everything there changed, you will now even have a harder time in staying undetected by the AI than already in the original game, and the bots will use team tactics a lot more intelligent. In addition to this all ingame weapons have been overworked in hit points to give the player a totally new and much more realistic game experience. Of course we do not want to forget the graphical and sounds aspect, almost everything here was redone, including totally new skins for weapons and vehicles, and much more canon sounds which will add a totally new atmosphere to the game. If the graphics of Far Cry impressed you so far I guarantee this will kick you out of your socks. The last issue beeing fixed is the installer, everyone who had problems with 1.0 caused by a bug in the AVG Anti-Virus program will not have to worry any more since The D.O.G. uses a totally new installer program which works perfectly fine. With mentioning the installer it should also be noted that The D.O.G. has taken well care about another community complaint so it is now possible to deinstall the mod without screwing up the entire game. However a backup install is still recommended, just in the rare case of eventually still existing bugs. You should note though that I tested it on my game 3 times without experiencing any problems.

Well guys, that is all I can describe, but believe me the experience you are going to have with this mod will leave you totally speechless from stunning. :) This is and hopefully will be a must-download for a very long time, and very special thanks to The D.O.G. for sharing this piece of art with the community. :)



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