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A new singleplayermap with a bit of Matrix style, and it continous the story of sp_matto(released a few month ago, german version only). You might run into some german stuff for this, but i don't think it's anything imperitive! Enjoy!



Level:    Matto_2

Gametype: Singleplayer

Language: English/German

Author:   Matto Original

Release Date: Sep 04 2004

Website:  www.fc-kartografen.de.vu (under construction)

Email:    [email protected]



A new singleplayermap with a bit of Matrix style,
and it continous the story of sp_matto(released a few month ago, german version only).



Extract Matto_2.zip  and copy the folder "Matto" into Far Crys Moddirectory.
Start Far Cry and load the "Matto" mod.
If you want a shortcut, wich automaticly starts the mod , change your shortcut to: "..\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -MOD:Matto

TIP: Don't start in DEVMode, or there may be problems in the menue.


Starting Matto_2

Matto_2 is not only a map, it's a mod, it provides you with a menu to start the map and load savegames, use
"Play Matto_2" only to start the map

IMPORTANT: Matto_2 should not be started by using the console, otherwise the planned story won't work as intended.



The map is build on patch 1.2 (recalled version), and SHOULD also work on the upcomming official patch 1.2( we will check that imidiately and release a modpatch if needed)

Who uses patch 1.1 , should copy the file <FarCry>\Mods\Matto\patch 1.1\scripts99_11.pak
to <FarCry>\Mods\Matto\FCData\.


Known Bugs:

- on loadscreen, if the game crashes(warning: game loads quiet long to the end on slower machines),
  then set lightquality to low.

- down in the DUUM HQ, it's possible, that the game crashes, if you look to the left into the toilet.
  In this case don't look there or reduce details.
  The problem ist, ther ae TWO mirrows and some graphicscards can deal with that on high detail.

- the map build on high-deatil on a DX9 card and is not made for low spec machines.
  that means even on medium details or on DX8 cards, there can be wierd effects. SORRY!!!

- DON'T press cancel during the last cutscene (spacebar,esc,f7) or your get spawned at the end of the world.


Additional informations:

If someone wants the CRY file for my map can find it on www.fc-kartografen.de.vu .

Time to build: 3 month 25 days (May 09 2004 - Sep 03 2004)

Used programs:       CryTek Sandbox Editor
                     Adobe Photoshop
                     3Ds Max5
		     Edit Plus 2

- systems for Betatests:

  1: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
     1 GB Ram, Radeon 9800

  2: Athlon XP 2400+
     512 MB Ram, GF3 Ti200

  3: Athlon XP 2200+
     512 Mb Ram, GF3

  4: Athlon-c 1333Mhz
     512 MB Ram, GF4 Ti4200

  5: Athlon-64 3200+
     1 GB Ram, GF4 Ti4200


I think the map is visaul realy great. I'm not very happy with the AI-part,
but I did my best to make a well designed AI.
If you got questions, tips, bugs or problems , you can contact me via mail [email protected] , I would be happy about your feedback.

this zip file can be modified with my permission, mail to [email protected]
this map can also be added to mappacks or so, would be nice if you inform me about that.

This level is copyrighted by Matto Original

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