I was going to type a description on this mod, but decided not to ...I'm just going to add some quotes from other people that have played it. This mod is very well done, and I've enjoyed playing it!

* awesome! thx for your hard work! * awesome piece of work, you can fell the amount of work here congrats to you * Nice job Matto, having a ball w/this! * Awesome mod, awesome! * Gamers , We are in the presence of GREATNESS ! ! !

Please see the readme for more information and installation instructions.

Features of Matto_3: -It is full a MOD -Users friendly benchmark menu -Possibility to load saved games out of the Farcry main menu -New weapons: Glock17 with trippleshot and P99 tactical modified -New objects: e.g. caves... -Slow motion effect -Typical Matto humor...;)



Level:                  Matto_3

Gametype:               Singleplayer

Language:               English

Author:                 Matto Original

Release Date:           Mai 27th 2005

Website:                http://fc-kartografen.de.vu


-Matto                  [email protected]

-Vok.ani (3D Art)       [email protected]

Version:                1.0




Following on from the Matrix theme in the previous Matto maps, Matto_3 adds a new storyline,

new weapons and new challenges to provide the ultimate test for Jack Carver... will he succeed?






Start the setup-file, follow the instructions and install Matto_3 into your FarCry main dir.




Starting Matto_3:


Loading MOD: Start Farcry, go into the mods menu select Matto_3 and press "load MOD".


Matto_3 provides a menu to start the level, load saved games and a new benchmarkmenu.


IMPORTANT: Matto_3 should not be started by using the console!




Benchmarking with Matto_3:


Start the MOD Matto_3 and go into the benchmarkmenu. It's recommended to set benchmarkpasses

to 2. Press "Start benchmark" to launch the test. After the test enter a filename of

the new results. If you make more test you can choose the old results by selecting there names

in the field in combobox. 

The benchmark takes about 3-10 minutes depending on system-specs.

To give us all good results make sure that your farcry settings are:


Quality:                Very high

Water-quality:          Ultra high

Resolution:             1024x768

AntiAliasing:           Off

Anisotropic filtering:  1


My results:


TimeDemo Play Started , (Total Frames: 13299, Recorded Time: 366.38s)

!TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.

    Play Time: 344.43s, Average FPS: 38.61

    Min FPS: 13.67 at frame 4539, Max FPS: 82.02 at frame 11352

    Average Tri/Sec: 4059292, Tri/Frame: 105131

    Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.08

!TimeDemo Run 1 Finished.

    Play Time: 301.67s, Average FPS: 44.08

    Min FPS: 13.67 at frame 4539, Max FPS: 82.02 at frame 11352

    Average Tri/Sec: 4637620, Tri/Frame: 105198

    Recorded/Played Tris ratio: 1.08

TimeDemo Play Ended, (2 Runs Performed)




TIP: Restart your Farcry befor starting the benchmark.


WARNING: DO NOT press escape while the benchmark is running, you'll get wrong benchmarkresults!




Known Bugs:


- In front of the mainbase, there could be a big framedrop. I don't know why, I only know that a

  restart of farcry could solve the problem. If you maybe find out why this sometimes happens

  it would be nice if you contact me.




Additional informations:



Time to build: 6-7 Months (to long...)



Used programs:       CryTek Sandbox Editor

                     Adobe Photoshop

                     3Ds Max6


                     Animation Shop 3

                     RAD Video tools 




- systems for Betatests:


  1: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton

     1 GB Ram, Radeon 9800

     (@Very high, 1024)


  2: 1.1ghz Athlon

     768 MB RAM

     ATI Radeon 9200se 128mb

     (@low/medium, 800)


  3: Athlon XP 2400+

     1GB Ram, GF6800 LE

     (@Very high, 1024)


  4: P4 3.4Ghz

     1 GB Ram, GeforceFX 5950 Ultra

     (@Very high, 1024)


  5: P4 2.6Ghz

     1 GB Ram, GF5900xt ultra 128Mb

     (@medium, 1024)


  6: P4 2.6Ghz

     1 GB Ram, GF6800 GT

     (@Very high, 1024)





Sure, most you say "great map", but I know lots of places and things which I would change. But

after 6-7 months I just want to release this map although I am not satisfied.

Ah yes, befor I forget this, if the story goes on... some day you will get informed about that

on http://fc-kartografen.de.vu...



This map can be added to mappacks or so, would be nice if you inform me about that.


This level is copyrighted by Matto Original

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