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The Matto4 mod team, MattoMedia, has released a much anticipated update! This one dealing with four new weapon models that will are sure to have you sit up, raise an eye brow and pay attention...

"As you all know, we wanted to give you some new tools... well, tools to succeed in completing your mission. The number one problem might be those jerks keeping you from doing what you’re supposed to. So, what could be helpful against such a nerve-racking thing? I think you all know it... weapons. New weapons."

The weapons released are: The Walther P99 - very precise weapon Benelly M3 - perfect for close combat Steyr Aug - like the M4? gonna love that one Heckler & Koch MP7 - perfect for one of your “I’m gonna kill ‘em all”- sprees

To further show off these weapons, and to give you all an idea of how they look in-game as well as what they are cpable of, MattoMedia has supplied links to download some small video clips of these in action; I have rar'd these four videos and they are mirrored here as a single download for your convenience.

Be sure to visit the MattoMedia website, and sign their guestbook!

Alex, at has stated that the release date for this mod is set for next month... "Release date is still set for Christmas '06 since only a few cutscenes and balancing are left to be done! A beta test will start soon :)"

...great news indeed! :thumbsup:

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Download 'matto4weapons.rar' (43.36MB)

Download, extract and enjoy.

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