Mischief In Paradise

Here it is after 2 years in the making, Mischief in Paradise has been completed!

This map was originally the work of Michael Ko...


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Here it is after 2 years in the making, Mischief in Paradise has been completed!

This map was originally the work of Michael Kosmatka who opened sourced it early 2006. This map is very different from the one that has been available from Michael's site since early 2006, it has been entirely rebuilt and all the missing pieces put in place.

Mischief in Paradise is a custom single player map utilizing Crytek's Farcry engine. You'll explore lush jungles, warm sandy beaches, ancient temples, rock lined coasts, and the complete arsenal Kreiger Corporation is known to expend.

If you're having trouble completing this map, Chimella invites you to take advantage of his Strategy Guide! What more could you want?

Here is the setting: You're Jack, the guy with the red hawaiian shirt who recently put an end to Kreiger's perverse experiments and saved paradise in the process. In lieu of Kreiger's unfortunate demise his corporation has been up to their usual bags of tricks. We have intel reports of soldiers deserting posts and shooting up the island including innocent civilians. Maybe it's the water ... or could it have something to do with secret shipments and the research lab? I suspect things more sinister at play here, so you need to find out what it is. Your job is to infiltrate the island, assess the situation, and clean up any mess you make. It may heat up sooner than you expect. Unfortunately, radar shows their awareness of our activities. Troop movements and beach heads have been established throughout the entire island. We’re not sure whether they’re anticipating you or something more dangerous. Expect heavy fire, reinforcements and the slim chance of a migrane. Stealth and speed should be your MO. The island is a huge expanse of unkown territory, so tread carefully and be resourceful. I'll be in communication throughout the mission and as the situation changes. Your insertion point is the southern tip of Weh Lei island. Extraction will be on the northern most coast. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

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Download 'mischiefinparadisefinished_v5.rar' (35.14MB)

Credits are as follows:

Creation of all the terrain and vegetation
All buildings and interiors. 
Original storyline
Mission voice recordings
Cut scenes
Some initial AI placement

Additonal AI and reworking of all initial AI and vehicles
Mission lua script
Events, pyrotechnics, animations
Cut scene editing and final cut scene
Conversion to mod and modded weapons
Project completion, testing and debugging

Created and tested on 1.7GHz AMD, 1500Mb PC3200 RAM, ATI Radeon 9600 256Mb Atlantis Pro graphics card, at 1024x768 settings on medium. 
The game is optimized for medium spec machines like mine but if you experience fps slowdown inside the Satellite installation reset lighting quality to low for this part. If you experience general fps problems get a decent card err I mean reset to 800x600.

Extract the folder and put it into your Far Cry Mods folder (not the Levels folder this will not work!)
Start Far Cry and at the Main menu choose the Mods option, then on the right highlight the game and click the Load Mod button
Far Cry will then restart and at the main menu click Start Mischief In Paradise
The mod does not change or overwrite any of your Far Cry installation files
To reload checkpoints from an earlier game you will need to go through the loadscreen first

Just delete the folder from the Mods folder

It is NOT recommeded that you use console quicksave (not supported by Crytek), it does cause problems in this game such as not being able to place explosives, there are plenty of ingame saves.

Strategy guide if you get stuck can be downloaded from www.8winds.co.uk
If you wander far from your mission objectives or your radar you may get lost or cut off much of the game
If you find important bugs please email me at address bottom of page

Skins by OT2K
Creation date: 04.05.2004
E-Mail: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.ot2k.de

By downloading and using this game you agree to the following:
That the authors of this game are in no way responsible for loss or damage arising from the use or abuse of this game
That you are allowed to distribute this game freely but without charge
Web site administrators can host this game without seeking the authors' permission as long as both authors are clearly identified 
Any modifications of the game and/or any charge levied for distributing the game should not be done without the authors' permission

Thank you

[email protected] (dot) com

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