Another great map from BelovedMonster and No9! As a team, they have pumped out some quality work, as seen with [url...


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Another great map from [SC]BelovedMonster and [A.I.]No9! As a team, they have pumped out some quality work, as seen with SC 2v2 Mappack and this submission is no different; I, for one, hope that they have a change of heart and continue to work together in creating fun, exceptional maps for Far Cry!

mp_3v3_waterfall, is a 3vs3 assault map that will keep you hopping as you duck and weave your way around the scenic landscape, getting and trying to hold all three flags. Do you really think you will be victorious? There's only one way to find out...Download now, and we'll see who ends up with bragging rights!

Refer to the Readme for more information and installation instructions.

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Download '' (9.26MB)

This ASSAULT map -with some nice looking waterfalls- is designed for 3vs3 players: it has the same hot action as 2v2 maps but has more gameplay possibilities, more room to manouevre and one more flag. Spawnruns are still short (about 1 second longer than average 2v2-maps), so we think Respawntime should be set a bit higher than 2v2-maps: 10 or 12 seconds.

Map is constructed by [A.I.]No9 and me (contact us at and is based on Flag 3 of mp_to_savas. This is our last map for FarCry. At least that is how we think about it now. Be sure to have fun!

To install: unzip and put the directory mp_3v3_waterfall/ into your Far Cry/Levels/-directory.

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