Captain Amerika has been busy lately, and the fruits of his hard work are here for you, the Far Cry community to enjoy! His first gi...


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Captain Amerika has been busy lately, and the fruits of his hard work are here for you, the Far Cry community to enjoy! His first gift to you is a fun Free for All map that is loaded with the potential for some great exploration and a fragging good time!

There is a lot to do in this map besides dodge enemy fire and survive fire fights! For the nature nut, there are some beutifully made scenery, for the adventurer, there are some hidden areas, that you'll have to look for, because, err...they're hidden!

If wreaking havok tickles your fancy, then get your fancy ready to be tickled! All weapons are available, except the wrench, shocker and the Machete; There are also four towers to climb if you like having other people look up to you. Two buggies have also been placed in this map, for those that prefer to do drive bys...but becareful...being in a buggy is like having a big red bullseye painted on your back, you may find yourself in the graveyard!

Definately worth the price of a free download!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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A FreeForAll Multiplayer Map for FarCry
By N88TR [formerly Captain Amerika]
February 2007

Creation and Test Machine:
CPU: AMD FX-57 @ 2.8 ghz
Video: Radeon 9800 Pro XT 256 mb        
Video Drivers: Catalyst 6.12
Memory: 1 gig Corsair DDR400
Harddrive: Western Digital 110 gig
OS: Windows 2k
Game Build: patched till 4.0

A large rectangular map with much to explore as well as opponennts to kill. If you're not doing so well in the kills, you can get lost in the beauty of the map with the 6 waterfalls, hidden areas, natural architecture, graveyard, stone bridge or just shoot some fish. There are two buggies included but with tight corners, you'll be a big target for others that are on foot. All weapons but the Shocker, Machete and Wrench are included. There are 4 towers to climb and look down on others, RocketLauncher and Sniper Rifles included. Whatever you want to do in a map you can: Sniper, CloseQuarters combat, Explore, Rocket combat, observe natural life, etc.

Extract files to /Levels folder in FarCry directory

Like all downloaded files you do so at your own risk. Any improper extraction or modification of these files is not reccommended and I cannot be held responsible if anyone does so.


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