the famous singleplayer mission thattakes place on an old aircraft carrier. It is basically the same, except that it was adapted for multiplayerand features everything a good MP Map needs.Developer description.

** This map is the true FINAL version of mp_aircraft_carrier **Mp_aircraft_carrier is the same map as Carrier (single player campaign) unless it has been adapted for multiplayer: All AI were deleted, you can not move objects (boxes, chairs, barrels...) for avoid lag. I also added some new features and placed weapons and ammunition as well as 26 points respawns around the map.

Staff description.Everyone who played FarCry know the old aircraft carrier you have to get into to find out what happened to Val.You were able to explore the interior as well as the flight deck of that old ship while killing mercenaries in the process.With holes, rust and a whole part of the flight deck gone, it really feels like wandering on an ancient Akagi-Class carrier.I always liked that singleplayer part that featured shooting bad guys on an old, japanese aircraft carrier.Now that it's also available for the multiplayer part I like it even more.Brilliant leveldesign la Crytek makes this a must-have for everyone who likes FarCry!If you also like the singleplayer mission, you'll also like this. Even if you know it from singleplayer, it'll be a whole new experience while playing it in multiplayer.Don't forget to check the Reame.


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