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For the assault-style lovers, here's another map that you'll enjoy playing! A fun map to add to any collection. See the readme for details...


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For the assault-style lovers, here's another map that you'll enjoy playing! A fun map to add to any collection. See the readme for details and installation instructions.

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Download 'mp_assault_island_v1.rar' (6.58MB)

README File for custom Far Cry Map: mp_assault_island_v1

About mp_assault_island_v1
Map Type: Multiplayer Assault
Version: 1 (for changes see the bottom of this file)
Author: Adam Newton Smith aka "Bubba_Gump"
Date: 06 September 2005
1. Depending on the feedback of the community, improved
versions are a possibility.

Installation Instructions
How to install the mp_assault_island_v1 map.
1. Unzip the file you downloaded (extract it in the same directory). This
should give you a folder called mp_assault_island_v1
2. Move this folder into your Farcry/Levels folder:
a. Click "Start" / "My Computer".
b. Double click your C: drive, then Program Files, then Ubisoft, then 
Crytek, then Levels.
c. Click and drag the mp_assault_island_v1 folder into your Levels folder

NOTE: These instructions assume you have installed Far Cry in
the default location. If you have installed Far Cry in some
other directory, adjust the instructions above to find the
Levels folder in your Far Cry directory.

You should now have a directory (folder) called C:\....\Far
Cry\Levels\mp_assault_island_v1 which contains hidemission0.bai, level.pak, 
mp_assault_island_v1.bak, mp_assault_island_v1.cry, netmission0.bai, 
Readme_txt, and Screenshots.
The mp_assault_island_v1 map is now ready to play on your system!

Description (incl. attack tips)
A recently deserted island by the government with many unique land 
formations that play to the players
advantage/disadvantage depending on your style of play!

Flag 1 -
Located just over the hill from the attackers spawn inside a heavy fort.  
Jeeps are located just up the
hill beyond a buildable bridge.

Flag 2 - King of the Hill!
A desert style flag upon a huge hill with many unique walls to infiltrate.

Flag 3 -
Located up a hill as well with access at the corners.  Beware no 
walls/fences to keep players from plunging to their deaths,
so skill is required when fighting.

Thanks go to my brother-in-law Keith A. Wyatt aka "kawdog" for all his help 
on developing my loadscreens!
Thanks, also to all ~AoC~ (Agents of Chaos) members, {FB} Hunter, and all 
others for test playing the maps
and providing valuable constructive criticism!

* Changes *

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