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This is a nice multiplayer assault map. Very well done!


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This is a nice multiplayer assault map. Very well done!

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Download 'mp_cult.rar' (8.03MB)

README File for custom Far Cry Map: mp_cult
About mp_cult
Map Type: 
 Multiplayer Assault 
 Beloved Monster
 9 March 2005
 1. I plan to make a standalone FFA/TDM version in the future

2. Depending on the feedback of the community, improved versions are a possibility (NB. please notify if you want to help me on this)


Installation Instructions
How to install the mp_cult map.

1.     Unzip the file you downloaded. This should give you a folder called mp_cult

2.     Move this folder into your Farcry/Levels folder:

a.     Click "Start" / "My Computer".

b.     Double click your C: drive, then Program Files, then Ubisoft, then Crytek, then Levels.

c.      Click and drag the mp_cult folder into your Levels folder

 These instructions assume you have installed Far Cry is the default location. If you have installed Far Cry in some other directory, adjust the instructions above to find the Levels folder in your Far Cry directory.

You should now have a directory (folder) called C:\....\Far Cry\Levels\mp_cult which contains level.pak, levellm.pak, mp_cult.cry, loadscreen_mp_cult.jpeg and Readme.html.  The mp_cult level is now ready to play on your system!


Description (incl. attack tips)

Recently remnants of the ancient cult of Nahor are rediscovered. Some obscure figures are trying to revive this cult. The attackers must end this revival. The defenders must defend the ancient Nahor-cult with their blood. 

Flag 1 - the Sacred rock of Nahor 

The Sacred rock of Nahor is situated between two plateaus just above the water. Under the rock there is a watercorridor from which you can enter a cave. On the Sacred rock there is a concealled gap, from where you can crawl to a nice position (next to a peaceful Buda). ATTACK TIP: jump from the '2-way-waterfall' into a small pool. This pool is only accesible by jumping into it. From this pool you can give excellent cover to attack and you can jump from a overhanging rock beneath this pool (rock with tiki-torches) onto the Sacred Rock.

Flag 2 - the altar of Nahor 

The altar of Nahor is situated in the temple of Nahor. On the altar of Nahor strangers were sacrified, so its a little bloody there. ATTACK TIP: use the roof of the temple and jump on the flag. Climb the temple via a ladder (that's the easiest way: there at least two other ways). If you feel lonely,you can also jump from the roof on the 'Zombietower'.

Flag 3 - the new HQ of the Nahor-cult

The new HQ of the Nahor-cult is recently built by the new followers of the cult. The HQ consists of a big tower and several small fortifications. It is built on a high plateau and is connected by a very long bridge to the top of a lighthouse. From the bottom of this lighthouse goods are transported to the new HQ so there are some crates on this bridge. ATTACK TIP: climb the tower and build the two machine guns. From there you can give great cover.


Designer remarks
1. For all flags I tried to make different opportunities for attackers to attack. I want to prevent that the attack is too difficult. I am a little concerned that I did not succeed for the last flag.

2. I had a lot of trouble making the lightmap correctly e.g. for the watercorridor (small corridor under the rock). My initial idea was to make a lot of torches there. I couldn't make it work correctly, so I placed just 2 torches there.

3. I read about the famous 'custom-map-lag-problem'. After the BETA-version I build my map completely from scratch on a stripped version of mp_airstrip. So this problem should NOT affect my map.


Thanks go to Mike "Gumby" Anderson (Fonts), Slugworth of Far Cry Community Maps (for kind help), WMJ_Brainhacker (for his 'computer-time'), all who commented on the BETA-version esp. Schoolisoutfan and finaly all who helped me at the forums of Crymod, Far Cry Community, FarcryHQ and Springcreature. Thanks a lot!

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