This map takes place on an island which was once used by mercs to deploy their nuclear waste. Nice placement of vegetation and cover, defina...


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This map takes place on an island which was once used by mercs to deploy their nuclear waste. Nice placement of vegetation and cover, definatly one of the best maps by this author so far. Enjoy :)

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Download 'mp_longshot.rar' (11.52MB)

"MP_Longshot" a Free-For-All map for Farcry
Made by Captain Amerika [aka N88tr aka Ragepunisher911]

Programs used:
	Sandbox 1.31, Paintshop Pro 9, Photoshop CS, MS Paint, Irfanview, WinRAR

	2 days [thinking of it for a long time]

Test Machine & Creation Machine:
	2.1 AMD ghz, 256 mb Radeon 9800 Pro,[Catalyst 5.1 drivers] 2 gigs Corsair PC3200 memory, 110 gig Western Digital, 250 gig Seagate, 2.0 TB LaCie 		Backup

	Crymod community, Farcryfiles, Cry-Alex from the Forums [thanks man!], Hfx_Rebel from [thanks man!].


	The mercs haven't been too kind to mother earth; dumping their radioactive waste willy nilly over the islands. But now the vegetation and animal life 	are starting to wilt and mutate on a group of forgotten islands. The last received transmissmission was 5 years ago. What's become of the mercs and 		the mutated creatures?
Misc Rant:
	I've been slow with the levels. I was planning a multipack release after MP_SniperValley, but some complications arose. I'm still having problems 		with that, so here's a no bullshit sniper theme map. It's most Low Poly, but sometimes it's medium to high system intensive when you get into the 		thick of it with other players in certain areas. I wasn't worried about it being too laggy while making the map, it's more about the atmosphere than 		FPS. You get the Falcon, Machette, and Sniper Rifle. 20 player map. Smaller side islands to explore and gain higher ground for more excellent 			sniping. The map has that combined S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and 'dead and decayed' look; similar to some Half Life 2 maps, like the Lost Coast episode. I am 		very pleased with the results, although I stayed up till 4 AM tweaking it. I hope you enjoy it very much!

	I've included the .cry and .bak files. If you want to modify them, give me credit for the map base. These files are provided 'as is,' like all custom 	game content. I'm not the one to blame if you incorrectly extracted/placed/edited the files in this archive. Backup is your friend. Backup your 		backups.

	no known bugs.

Contact me?:
	Love, Hate, Questions, Comments, bugs, help mapping? Send it all to:

	[email protected] 

Also check out my website:

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