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Essentially, this is the same as mp_Nighthawks, the biggest difference bein...


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Essentially, this is the same as mp_Nighthawks, the biggest difference being that all of the destructibles have been removed; Because of this, the first version will not be changed to reflect this download as an updated version, as this is merely a different version.

If you've ever walked into a diner and ordered something simple, only to have the space cadet behind the counter get it wrong, (for example: you ordered apple pie and received cherrie pie instead) and then thought to yourself if only there was some safe way to vent... Then stop thinking, this download is just what the doctor ordered!

A nice diner setting, where you can walk into the place and start shooting it up, with alot of different rooms that you are able to enter, whether your motives are for hiding, or setting an ambush... Don't forget to take advantage of the subway for cover, or, if you find that you're the aggressive gamer, jump on the mini-gun that is located on the top of the train!

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a lonely restaurant in the 1940's after midnight is the setting.  a train you can enter and climb upon as well as a ladder that will take you to the minigun placed on top(if you are quick enough to make it).  many enterable buildings and places to take cover.  all weapons.  very fun to play this one.  enjoy!

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