This is a great new map for those that want a break from constantly running around and spraying anything that moves, with this map, emphasis...


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This is a great new map for those that want a break from constantly running around and spraying anything that moves, with this map, emphasis is on cover and sniping. I think a great job has been done on Snipervalley, and Capt. Amerika tells me he is working on more maps...this is great news, and I look forward to playing them when they are released!

An important note about this map, is that it is intended for mid to highend machines; If yours falls short of this, you may need to reduce the settings, etc and sacrifice eye candy for plaability.

This is a Farcry Multiplayer TDM map. It has two levels of play. The lower is where players spawn. They are on opposite sides of the map. The upper level is more involved with cover and weapons and structures. I tried to incorporate all styles of play. This map is my sole creation and is very unique. Get some!

See the readme for more information on this map including installation and important information, etc. Enjoy.

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Download '' (8.13MB)

"Sniper Valley" a Team-Deathmatch map for Farcry
Made by Captain Amerika [aka N88tr aka Ragepunisher911]

Programs used:
	Sandbox 1.31, Paintshop Pro 9, Photoshop CS, MS Paint

	3 months

Test Machine & Creation Machine:
	2.0 AMD ghz, 256 mb Radeon 9800 Pro, 2 gig Corsair PC3200, 110 gig Western Digital, 250 gig Seagate, 2.0 TB LaCie Backup

Important Info:
	This is a very resource-hungry level. If you have a super good computer, you'll see it all and it will look good too, 	but a slow computer, 1.0 ghz, 64 mb video card, 512 memory, won't be able to achieve a good FPS rate. I think later 	I'll release another version of this map, one for the lower-end computers as previously described.

	Crymod community, Farcryfiles, Cry-Alex from the Forums [thanks man!], Hfx_Rebel from 	[thanks man!].


	A very detailed TeamDeathMatch map with a sniper theme. Two levels of playing, one where the players spawn, and the 	upper with buildings, standard weapons, more cover, etc. Health, ammo, and weapons are plentiful.

	All that is included in this .ZIP Archive is my own work. Email me if you want to modify or host these files! These 	files are provided as is, like all custom game content. I'm not the one to blame if you incorrectly 	extracted/placed/edited the files in this archive. Backup is your friend. Backup your backups.

	Up by the crashed V-22, the blackened textures are too high and there is clipping.
	Overall, the level is a a bit laggy, even for me.

Contact me?:
	map request [yes you can do that]
	help mapping?
		Send it all to: 
Also check out my website:

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