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Here's a nice spin on super's map mp_Super Tropical; In this ma...


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Here's a nice spin on super's map mp_Super Tropical; In this map, you do what you do best, except that you will be doing it at night! Once you're on this island, there is no getting off. Your only option is to fight for your life, so you had better get the lay of the land real fast! This map is actually comprised of three islands, joined by two bridges, with a tower, some structures, a whole lot of sand; The really cool object in this map is the downed aircraft on one of the islands... here you will find safty from the cover, or it could be a great place to snipe from! If you're partial to ambushes, then you're in luck, as this could also be a perfect stratigic point for one!

All in all, the gameplay here will most certainly be memoerable, this map has the potential for some exciting battles and some intense action! Happy fragging and enjoy yourselves!

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Download 'mp_super_tropical_night.rar' (4.66MB)

map name: mp_super_tropical_night

map type:ffa 
made in the netherlands by super
have fun!!!! 
cheers super

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