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A great map for some great action! This map is the perfect size for most battles, it's not so small that it looses it's appeal too quickly,...


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A great map for some great action! This map is the perfect size for most battles, it's not so small that it looses it's appeal too quickly, and it's not so huge that you'll always be getting lost, and never seem to be where the fun is; Which is great if you can never decide on clearing an area with your weapon of choice, or the silent snipe-from-a-distance tactic! You also have your choice of boat, vehicle or Nikes as a mode of travel. This map is well made and rates high on my fun-O-meter!

See the readme for the background story and more information.

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Washed up on the shores you wake to find yourself surrounded by lushes jungle vegetation and on the horizon you see an Ancient Aztec Temple. Intrigued you explore, find a Pistol and head towards the bridge connecting the Islands. Your in luck, you see some people running and driving about in RED across on the other Islands. Having been lost for weeks you start to run to them and all of a sudden a rocket flies overhead and wipes out three men and a buggy. You rush over to help them and all of a sudden some men in BLUE ambush you all. You take out your pistol and start defending the REDS and they start to protect and help you. Soon after a war has broken out that seems to never end...This. Is. Paradise...
Also on the map you can play FFA (and TDM obviously). There are 2 radio towers connected by high bridges and a storage area with large crates then on the middle Island you have a small army bunker with windy paths and plenty of hiding spots. On the third Island there is the Aztec Temple and many small Islands surround this. Don't think the level sounds huge and you’ll never come across anyone because you will. The size is just right, for blood baths or sniper wars. It contains cars and boats for added speed and fun... Please give it a go and start hosting it thank you.
This map is copyright to QuickFlame Inc…feel free to add it to map packs
Enjoy...Because trust me you will.  
Any questions E-mail me @
I will be happy to update the map.
1 thing I suggest is if you want the lushes grass like in the picture then make sure your environment graphics are on at least high. Once again enjoy...

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