For those of you that enjoyed mp_Cover 2 by Derek_O, we...


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For those of you that enjoyed mp_Cover 2 by Derek_O, we have for your gaming needs, his second map that just hit the shelves! Mp_Ultra is a fair sized map that will have you pit your mad skilz against other players that have one win at all costs! This map comes with a larger number of buildings over this developer's previous map, which also makes available more hiding places for those of you that like to be safe while reloading...these are also some prime locations for staging an ambush!

Not to worry about the little things such as ammunition or weapons or anything, as there are plenty of pickups throughout that will keep you in the fight; Mp_Ultra is fun and has the potential for some intense action; This map has a little something for everyone, it is built in a "Y" shape, which offers several effective locations for those that are partial to the sniper rifle, there are also many locations that are open for a frag-0-licious gunfights...which can also be the wrong place to be if there happens to be a sniper somewheres with line-of-site

When you play, be sure you do unto them as they are trying to do unto you!


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Download 'mp_ultra.rar' (3.62MB)

Second map, a few more buildings. Good sized map with lots of places to hide and lots of pickups to kill people with. No glitches that I am aware of.

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