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The NanoMods are brand new multiplayer game modes for Far Cry. They are put together into a single mod, and each of them uses maps especiall...


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The NanoMods are brand new multiplayer game modes for Far Cry. They are put together into a single mod, and each of them uses maps especially designed for it. The NanoMods are brand new multiplayer game modes for Far Cry; They are put together into a single mod, and each of them uses maps especially designed for, when you choose a map, you are actually choosing a NanoMod.

Each mode that is available only have one supporting map at this time, so the Developer is putting out the call to anyone that would like to try their hand at creating a new map or maps. If you are up to the challenge, or if you just have some ideas for maps and/or new NanoMods, more information can be found by clicking me. If you think you can also help by testing this mod, and contributing feedback, you can do so by clicking me.

Right now, there are four different NanoMods. The developer has stated that some other NanoMods are in progress and should be released soon, as well as some additional maps for the first four NanoMods.

Tower Defense: Based on the WarCraft III Tower Defense, this NanoMod puts narrow-minded and harmless enemies on the scene, that players must defeat before it is too late. If even only one enemy manages to reach a certain place of the map, the game is over Zone Holding: In this NanoMod, the players play on the same side and their goal is to defend a place of the map. Enemies spawn more and more quickly and move to the objective the players protect. If too many enemies manage to reach the objective, the game is over. Lone Run: The goal, in this NanoMod, is to reach zones to earn points, and also to prevent opponents to reach those zones. To make things interesting, maps are star-shaped: the players spawn in its center and the zones are placed at the end of its branches. You have many ways of scoring: use flashbang grenades or smoke ones, create diversions or simultaneous assaults, kill your opponents etc.

Constraint Kill: The goal is very simple: kill opponents to earn points. But there is a constraint, and even many constraints. In fact, every player receives a constraint he must observe to score. This constraint can be to kill with a certain weapon or by hitting with a vehicle, or while jumping or proning or standing still, or from a certain distance or behind an opponent's back, or by shooting a certain body part or opponent.

The NanoMods are currently being tested, (which is the reason for the version 1.1 BETA) but not to worry, the stability of your system will not be effected. The purpose of those tests is to improve the gameplay of every NanoMod and to fine tune its settings - to make them as funny as possible. Bugs will no doubt be lingering in places, and the developer is interested in finding them.

If you are looking for more information, be sure to visit the Far Cry NanoMods website.

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Download 'farcryfiles_nanomods_1.1beta_en.rar' (24.53MB)

Beta Version 1.1 (September, 2006)
Far Cry 1.33 is required for this version to work properly.
Given that this Beta version has not been so much tested in real conditions, I cannot guarantee you an optimum game play. But there should not be so many bugs. As a result, it is obvious that I would like you to let me know each of your comments, critics and suggestions, so that we will be able to improve the NanoMods. Please email me at this address: 

How to use NanoMods
The NanoMods are put together in a single mod but they all work on diferent maps. So, when creating a game, choosing a map actually means choosing a NanoMod. The maps list features the Far Cry classic maps in addition to the NanoMods ones.
The Far Cry maps are named mp_xxxxx, although the ones of the Constraint Kill NanoMod, for instance, are named ck_xxxxx. The same fact is applied to the other NanoMods too: td_xxxxx for the Tower Defense, zh_xxxxx for the Zone Holding and lr_xxxxx for the Lone Run.
You still can play on Far Cry classic maps with the NanoMods mod loaded. That is true for both the single and multiplayer modes. During the game, you can change the map from a NanoMod one to a Far Cry one, and conversely.
However, you will not be able to play classic maps with/against people using the normal Far Cry game if you had activated the NanoMods mod. In that case, the game will ask you before loading back the normal Far Cry.

The NanoMods use a new messages display system and also some special commands that can be typed at the chat prompt or in the command console. The commands inherited from Far Cry can be used this ways too. Here are listed every command shared between all NanoMods (the parameters appear in brackets)

    * info: displays the game information and settings, and the available languages and commands
      > type info and hit Enter
    * help : dispays the instructions related to what to do and how the NanoMod works
      > type help and hit Enter
    * lang: sets the messages display language (expects an English word, french for example)
      > type lang=[language in English] and hit Enter
    * restart: calls a vote to restart the game
      > type restart and hit Enter
    * map: calls a vote to change the map (expects the map name)
      > type map=[map name] and hit Enter
    * kick: calls a vote to kick a player (expects the player's name)
      > type kick=[player's name] and hit Enter
    * vote: casts a vote (expects yes or no)
      > type vote=yes or vote=no and hit Enter

Every NanoMod can use some specific commands in order to let players modify the game settings. Use the command info to get the commands list and to see the current game settings. Generally speaking, these specific commands call votes expecting every player's participation. They look like this: [command]=[parameter] and display a hint if the parameter is missing or not valid. Please visit the page related to a NanoMod to learn more about its specific commands.

I hope you would appreciate my NanoMods, and I thank you for participating to their tests, if you do it. Feel free to make comments and suggestions on my work, what I am strongly encouraging.

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