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Are you a big fan of the Far Cry Single player game? I am...so you can just imagine my elation when I got my hands on this mod! This Single player mod will allow you to replay the original Far Cry game with custom maps and the use of futuristic weapons. How great does that sound?!? If this is what you have been waiting for, then wait no longer, thank chimella and enjoy!

The most notable change this mod makes over the original game is to the weapons, here is the condensed version of what you will be outfitted with ingame; (See the Weapons.txt to get the full storey) Have a look: Electron Bolt Pistol (Tinted Falcon) Fires an electron bolt extremely powerful and high impact at close range 5m or less can stop mutants S100 Photon Rifle (Tinted M4) Primary fire only - low damage photon projectiles, slow fire rate, hold for automatic fire Tactical use - originally designed as a non-lethal weapon it was upgraded to be lethal MK I Pulse Sub Machine Gun (Tinted P90) Primary automatic fire only - high velocity pulse rounds, medium damage close up dropping to very low damage at 60m+ Tactical use - use close up preferably running right up to your enemy while shooting with zoom to get head shots Plasma Rifle (Tinted AG36) Primary fire - medium damage plasma bolts, slow fire rate Secondary fire - High damage, wide radius projectile proximity mine, uses ag36 grenade ammo Tactical use - Primary is useful for conserving ammo, poor in close combat, good for medium or long range attacks Impulse Gun (Tinted Shotgun) Positive impulse (primary fire) - uses shotgun ammo. Damage is medium at close range falling away to useless at 20m or more Negative impulse (secondary fire) - same but very low damage, can use in or under water. Tactical use - You want to be close and use head shots on primary fire

chimella has gone all out developing this mod, not only has he supplied the mod for you, but he has included some additional information/explanations in the download, such as: Weapons.txt (A complete explanation of all the weapon changes) NewWave Settings.txt (Everything you need to know about setting your game up for optimal performance) Readme.txt (Explanation about the mod) Basic Use.txt (How to install the mod) Advanced Use.txt (The way things work) A lot of time and effort has been put into this mod, and it shows as soon as you fire up the game; The weapons tend to rely heavily on particle effects which requires more PC power than normal. Be sure to read the NewWave Settings.txt. This mod will not change or overwrite any of your Far Cry installation files.



This mod has made major changes to the weapons. It really needs more Beta testing to get the balance correct and the power of some weapons may need adjusting. Any feedback will be considered for any version 2. In the meantime feel free to alter the power of the weapons yourself if you are so inclined by reading Advanced Use.txt.

The aim was to create a mod to replay the original game and custom levels giving a different experience and needing a revision in tactics.

Before playing please read the following:

Basic Use.txt - for how to install the mod, play Far Cry under the mod, play custom maps under the mod (I will release a single player custom map made specifically for this mod called Horus9 a few weeks after it's release Dec06/Jan07)

Weapons.txt - Very important to at least read the summary, preferably all to familiarize yourself with the way things work, noting in particular which are short and which long range weapons. Using the wrong weapon in a situation doesn't usually work. If you don't read it you may miss things that you could use and you may not understand what killed you.

The weapons tend to rely heavily on particle effects which requires more pc power than normal. Please read NewWave Settings.txt

For starting custom maps with a set difficulty level read Advanced Use.txt

Using the health throw (rock replacement) gives red onscreen like damage, it causes a dynamic light burst on most settings and has impulse, so this really needs more work.
The S100 Photon rifle may seem unable to kill some mercs inside in the carrier level without an absurd number of hits due to projectile hits on body armour. Use the electron bolt pistol or Pulse (P90) in Carrier if you find this problem.

I started this mod using the 1.33 cumulative patch but finished it under the 1.4 all-in-one patch. There were a few things that worked under 1.33 but caused freeze on 1.4, I fixed these. I finished all testing on 1.4 so I don't know how the mod will play under 1.33 or less.
Visit my site www.8winds.co.uk for updates on bugs, patches etc before emailing me.

By downloading and using this mod you agree to the following:
That the author of this mod is in no way responsible for loss or damage arising from the use or abuse of this mod
That you are allowed to distribute this mod freely but without charge
Web site administrators can host this mod without seeking the author's permission as long as the author is clearly identified 
The only thing I claim rights to is the custom sound-effects and the weapon concepts, if you wish to use these please email me.

Thank you

chimella@talk21 (dot) com

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