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For those of you that still enjoy a quality map created for the original Far Cry, then this next download will be sure to put a smile on your face! We have our next map courtesy of a first time FarCryFiles contributor: julio!

Normandy is just what you would expect from a map of this title...a cyber mission into France to liberate her inhabitants and to quell the oppressing army. Something that is totally different from your normal Far Cry gaming experience. Although this map is not the hardest one ever made, it is challenging, not to mention it's size...Normandy will keep you busy longer then most maps out there, and there are plenty of enemy mercs out there, so relaxing and mowing down the opposition is not an acceptable way to play...the snipers out there will make short work of your mission if you don't take advantage of the available cover!

Some of the features of this map include:

  • Includes new objects like French houses and churl
  • Snipers in strategic sites within the town
  • More Weapons and ammo available
  • Many corpes have been removed to increase performance

Take some time in between dispatching your enemy to enjoy the scenery...a lot of work has gone into it, and it should be appreciated. This map is definitely one for your collection! Kudos to julio for creating such a great piece of work!

Refer to the readme for more information.



Normandy 1.1 is the same Map of Version 1.0 but fixed. Now It include new object like France house and churl. Many corposes was delete to have a good performance. Now I put some sniper in strategic sites of the town. Include more Weapons and ammo. I Hope some comment to do a better works, Thanks,. I'm Work in three news episodes called: "Spiral", "Predator Hunter" and "Sniper Town". And Upload the newest level: "The Hunt". Enjoy. Sorry but my english it's not so good.

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