O.R.E. - Off Road Expedition



treacherous for driving - you will have to push the vehicles, and your off-road driving skills to the limit if you hope to succeed.Story:You are a member of a treasure hunting expedition. After a long voyage at sea, you and your crew have landed on a remote, uninhabited chain of islands rumored to be haunted, however, superstitious beliefs won't stop you in your quest for ancient treasure!Several of your crew went ahead to scout the terrain on the other islands, but there has been no communication from them for several hours. It's up to you to find out what happened to the missing crew members and, of course, to return with the treasure!Comments:The inspiration for this map was to create a fully explorable environment. The original FarCry maps looked big and impressive, but were fairly linear and really quite limited in how much you could explore them.This map has been designed for free-form environmental exploration, as well as replayability. Every effort was made to create an environment that allows you to go anywhere you can imagine. You could spend hours exploring this map, with or without following the mission, and you still likely won't drive on every trail, or hike on every path, or climb every mountain.Main discussion thread at the official forums :http://farcry.crymod.com/thread.php?threadid=9666


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