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Here it is...the Obsidian Edge Demo! I've been waiting for this...

From the OE forums:



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Here it is...the Obsidian Edge Demo! I've been waiting for this...

From the OE forums:

These are the release notes that many failed to read at install time...please note that the first known issue is the one that everybody asks about when they come into the game...

Obsidian Edge Change Log - Complete build listing

Build 0.7.029 (Demo) 6/1/2005 Demo build 0.7.029 is a FULL BUILD and all previous builds should be removed before installing it.

Known Issues:

- First person weapon view is turned off for the demo due to issues with the first person weapon models. This will be fixed in the full release.

- PreWar ammo should not be turned off during Assault or FFA missions, as this will cause all players to have no ammo for their initial spawn in the game. These gametypes will be changed to properly use the prewar ammo setting in the final release of OE

- There is an intermittent bug in the player count on the team/kit selection screen. Team counts will sometimes be wrong. This will be fixed in the final release.

Changes / fixes include:

- Models: New weapon models for XM8, M1 Super90 and AT4. - Script: Helmets added to blue team. - Script: Efficiency calculation fixed. - Script: OE Symbol shows when Pre-war ends. - Script: Minor LMS and VIP bugs fixed from build 0.6.027. - Script: Character lean angle increased. - Script: VIP ammo increased to 4 clips (60 rounds). - Script: Weapon sway increased on sniper rifle. - Script: Corrected AG36 rifle damage. - Script: Assault gametype fixed to run under OE. - Script: FFA gametype fixed to run under OE. - Script: New map download screen added. - Maps: Included maps for demo - mp_railway_oe, mp_tank_oe, mp_devilscove_oe, mp_swamp_airfield_oe,

mp_invasion_oe, mp_bridges_oe, mp_valley_oe, mp_caves_oe.

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Download 'obsidian_edge_demo.exe' (153.72MB)

There is no [i]actual[/i] readme for this demo, however, I found this on the Obsidian Edge forum....

In Obsidian Edge, some game types require you to "Ready Up" for the round to begin. Some from Ghost Recon may be familiar with the idea of x-ing up, but those from FarCry may not be used to it. What it is is a way to make sure everyone on a team is ready to go before the round actually starts. The server admin has a lot of play with how he wants to set up his server, but some may want to set it up to require a certain # of people on a team before play can begin and if he wants everyone to Ready Up. It is very simple to do. On the same screen you selected your player class (sniper, demo, support) there will be a ready button if you need to ready up. After you select your player class and click "Apply" you will spawn in. Once you do, press your ESC key and click the "Ready" button. Then you can either hit your ESC key again or click the "Apply" button. Once you do this check your name in the score board (press the "Tab" key) to make sure your player class icon (the little bullet symbol) has changed from red to green in color. Red color means you have not ready. If the server is set up for prewar, all players have to ready up for the game to start. This can help in assult when a map first loads and the people with a faster computer load up and are almost to the 1st flag by the time the defenders get in and ready. 

****Please pay attention and make sure you ready up if the server requires it. Please do not make other players wait while you run around exploring in prewar!! The server admin can select an auto ready-up time to help keep things moving, but be considerate and do it yourself. 

Also very important is what you do while in prewar while you wait for others to join. The admin can choose to turn off weapons in prewar, but you can still throw rocks and play with the knife. PLEASE to not piss everyone off and run around slashing everyone. If someone motions to you with the knife that he wants to play/pratice then cool. But be aware!!! If you are throwing a rock in prewar and the game goes live, you may accidentally throw a grenade and kill some teammates or give away your position to the enemy. The same with slashing with your knife. When you go live, you may accidentally fire your primary weapon when you go live. This can wound a teammate or give away your position, both of which will anger your teammates. 

Please remind teammates you see being careless in prewar to shape up. Getting the drop on the enemy can be very important, espically in the Last Man Standing gameplay mode, and giving away which spawn you got can allow the enemy to get set up to wipe out your team.

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