Forget about Jack Carver, he was a wimp, and his time is gone! It's time to usher in a new hero...Luca is the star of this show! You're an eco-terrorist with an axe to grind, and a mission to complete; Once you make your way inside the heavily fortified compound, your job is to wreak havoc and sabotage the experiments that are being carried out, while you're doing all this easy stuff, you must also try to stay alive! Not as easy as it sounds! As you go through the levels, you'll come accross new charecters, so for all of you not another version of the same 'ol adventure nay-sayers, you will be plesantly surprised, and utterly addicted! This is a must have for any and all single player fanatics out there!

Along with this all new storey, the developers of this campaign have thrown in over ten new levels! (you didn't think there were 600 megs worth of screenshots, did you?) As for the developers of this file, they are 69 students working for 15 weeks, and have done a fantastic job!

See the readme for a list of features.



As Luca, an eco-terrorist, infiltrate a 
military research compound and sabotage 
their experiments.

Far Cry Pandemie is a single player campaign with 
	8 original characters, 
	13 new levels and
	19 full character animation cutscenes,
	all done by 69 students
	in 15 weeks!

RAR archive to be extracted in the MODS folder of Far Cry PC (patched up 1.33 at least).

Note: MOD is NOT officially endorsed by Ubisoft Entertainment


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