Project FarCry



Project Far Cry is a great singleplayer mod for everyone out there that is looking for some new awesome Far Cry action-packed fun! This mod features the continuing adventures of Jack Carver, however, things are not kept at the status-quo...as Jack has become the very thing that he has fought against in the retail PC version...

Once you download this mod, you will be immersed in some Far Cry goodness as you make your way through seven new singleplayer missions, with new weapons and an original storyline!

Some of the main features of this mod are:

  • Seven new different levels
  • New weapons
  • More health
  • Adrenaline gameplay
  • Adrenaline vision
  • New vehicles

This is definately a must have, start your download now!

Refer to the readme for more information.



I`d like to show you my new mod,called Project Far Cry.  

Project Far Cry is a new mod about adventures of Jack Carver,main character of original Far Cry  . 
Now he is a mutant (like in Far Cry Instincts),so you can throw enemies,destroying objects and lots more.It has 7 new singleplayer missions,new weapons and storyline,but unforgetable Far Cry gameplay was saved.

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