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Project X v3.3 brings Far Cry to another level for the masses. Though the K-9 Vision mod is well known in the FC SP community is it hardly known in the MP community. This release will hopefully change all that for the benefit of both mods...and more importantly...the FC community. Some will say that these changes stray too far from the original FC and will not like it. Therefore, there will be two versions of 3.3 released. One with the enhanced textures labelled Enhanced Content (EC) and a standard release with just the script changes and very minor changes with the grenade icons from K9.



Menu changes:

*Removed the @ symbols from appearing in server brower filter list
*Rcon now works for dedicated LAN server

*Majority passed votes now works properly
*When voting to kick a player, the onscreen message lists their player's name instead of slot number
*TK punish/forgive buttons now come up for TDM gametype (alpha)

*Merged most of K9 mod textures into this mod (alpha -EC only)
*Merged some of K9 mod sounds
*Scoreboard now properly displays ping
*Using mix Original/K9 hud (alpha)
*Sniper rifle run speed increased 25% from 2.7 (This is now only 25% less than 1.33)
*M4 accuracy decreased from 2.7 (Now somewhere between 1.33 and ProjX 2.7)
*Enemy names no longer appear on crosshair; only teammates
*Added red dot in middle of sniper rifle scope

Known Bugs:
RL scope does not appear randomly
TK punish/forgive buttons still need work in TDM
C4 alignment incorrect on internet servers, but not LAN

Note: The previous note here was incorrect and something I found in just starting up the server in Dallas. It is now confirmed that you don't need the EC version installed on the server for all clients to run properly. Both the server and clients can have either the EC or the scripts only version and still function properly. I suggest just having the scripts only version on the server to save upload time.


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