Quad Racing Mod Trailer



Here we have a 2 minute (47mb) trailer showcasing some of the spectacular work done on the Quad Racing Mod; The team behind this fun modification for Far Cry has already worked on the FFACry series. Consisting of several show-jumping courses this mod is specifically being created around the well known Quad vehicle from Freestyle-Productions. Just so you don't develop tunnel-vision while racing this course (when the mod is released...ETA is next month) one of the cool features present is the addition of the radio mod, this means you can be listening to some boss-tunes while flying around the course!

This trailer is a must see, a job very well done.



hi all

do u remenber the mods FFaCry , v2 -v3 ? yeah the little french mods....

we decide to stop the serie FFaCry , for farcry, and now we decide(again yeah) to create somethink other for fun

so we create a racing mapspecial for quad , nothing special ok , but we place a old mods "radio" or music on anglish ..dont know the good word . its work like GTA , u enter in the quand and u lunch the player , u choice ur music ectectect only u heard the music so its cool

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