For those of you that have been going through lack-of-Far Cry-Action withdrawals, then you'll want to perk up and pay attention...as this next statement is sure to put a smile on your face: Robin has returned to provide you with his newest release!

rll_Barbarian (v2) is a familliar name with a whole new experience! This adventure takes place after SC Mark Latoun, the lead scientist in the development of cryton power called cryoline (which is liquid atomic fuel) has reported that the project was a success and the first cryton tower is operational. He also warns that cryoline is easy to move and store but highly dangerous...in the wrong hands it can prove to be lethal.

Unfortunately, the worst case scenario has happened! In the scientific 'cryton hut tower', nestled deep in the Lecar forest, Mark Latoun sent his last trasmission. The Mercs somehow found out about his research, stole the cryoline and shot him. Mark was not able to hit the contingency activation control button. Whats worse, Intel reports they stole Marks trycripted code book - A detailed blueprint on how to use the fuel. Satellites have picked up eight new camps and six modified satellite towers under construction. If the Mercs get those towers to work they can fire cryton energy at any target in the world with devastating results. Mark Latoun was a long time friend of Jacks, he was the one who financed Jack's boat charter business and gave Jack the clearance to sale in restricted waters... Things are going to get ugly!

Some hints on completing this are as follows:

  • There are hidden switches that will alter the game.
  • Cryton towers are not the only towers that the mercs hid the cryoline.
  • When cryton towers blowup they have a impact diameter over a mile.
  • Do not damage the hut tower, catastrophic events may accure.
  • The forest is designed so you can drive at high speeds, but be carefull not to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Cryoline makes plants grow, if you come accross weird plant growth, your near a camp.
  • Every camp has a poison cryoline cylinder that you must destroy, Use the tab key it will tell you what items you have destroyed in the game.
  • If you run into a camp with out fireing a shot and find a place to take cover it won't be long before trigens show up, You will be in the middle of the action.
  • Saves are in containers near the hut tower, shoot the grates to get in.
  • Radar only shows were the hut tower is.
  • Us the F key near dresser in hut tower to get compass.

There are 14 total objectives, and one mission; completing the mission will win you the game, however, if it's a challenge that you want, try completing all of the objectives and the mission...betcha you can't :D

  • The objectives are in two groups:[/b]
  • Destroy all eight poison cryoline cylinders.
  • Destroy all six cryton towers.

Refer to the readme for more information.



                                     IMPORTANT READ ME

Far Cry is a game that can push a game past what it is capable of. It is better to set the graphics
to a lower setting and play the game than to have the graphics and resolution too high and make it 
chopping and unstable. 

Copy the rll folder and paste it into C:Program FilesUbisoftCrytekFar CryLevels Folder.

Start the game, when the game is running press ~ a command screen will pop up then type map rll then press enter.

This game is passed what most computers are capable of so an AI and physics controllers has been added  to make
the game easier to run and nessasary to play.

The ai and physics controllers are manually engaged and will put the computers full power directly to the curent objective.


F is the use key in this game. You must press F at certain locations for certain items to activate.

Use tab key to see item you have destroyed. 14 ojestives. 1 mission.
Mission is seperate from ojectives, ojectives are revenge only.

Minimum system requirements

3 ghz p4 processor
2 gigs system memory
sata hard drive -- 150 mbps data transfer
agp gforce 7 series graphics card with 512 mb ram      


 All tower have a contingency backup plain, if you get to their self destruct control panel or manage to blow one up
 their onboad trigens will be released to make sure you do not get away. SC Mark Latoun hut tower also has trigens,
 Six domesday trigens that can see and hear over five miles. These trigens will wipe out everything in the elcar forest,
 they will hunt you down. SC Mark Latoun put them in place so if something when wrong no one will be able to leave elcar
 forest with the cryoline. In any event there is no way to stop it monsters are going to be released on a all ready savage 
 and barbaric land.

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