For those of you that have been waiting, here is third in what has been an rll series of Single-Player maps by Robin. The ex...


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For those of you that have been waiting, here is third in what has been an rll series of Single-Player maps by Robin. The excitement level still remains high as you battle the AI for survival.

Some tips for winning the battle of life:

  • Your camp is not completely safe. Mutants are aggressive and will circle your camp and try to get in any way they can.
  • Do not blow up vehicles, the map is huge. You may need them.
  • You're life and armor are closest to your camp.
  • Mutants and mercs do not drop items. You must use the ones you have wisely.
  • Listen for gunfire, that will help you find some of the other camp sites.

rll_barbarian map is a huge map, that offers some great exploration, and some intense fire-fights, especially if you happen across another campsite in the wilderness; The vehicles and any boats that you come across will be a welcome site, try not to inflict to much damage on them. A good habit to get into is to try to be as quiet as possible, and the mutants and the mercenaries both have good hearing...and are able to follow you for long distances! The terraine, like the baddies you will come across, will offer you no mercy...be prepared for a batlle of your life! Much like the previous releases, this, the third in the series, comes complete with an engaging back story and some good ol' fashioned Far Cry action!

Jack has retreated to his favorite hide away only to find out that the mercs have been there for sometime. The last time he was there he put together a new type of super computer called the armary generator which now hell put to good use. This generator will duplicate weapons but Jack has to find them first and stay alive in the process. Your mission is a simple one, find all the weapons you can, get them duplicated and stay alive which wont be easy. This land is positively barbaric.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'sp_rll_barbarian.zip' (20.12MB)

Far Cry is a game that can push a computer past what its capable of. It's better 
to set the graphics to lower and play the game then to have the graphics and resolution too high
that make the game choppy and unstable.

Copy the bar folder and paste it into C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\Levels Folder.

Start the game, when the game is running press ~ a command screen will pop up then type \map bar then press enter.

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