Robin is staying true to form, that of a map-making maniac...he has submitted his next map in the rll series of Single Player maps. As with...


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Robin is staying true to form, that of a map-making maniac...he has submitted his next map in the rll series of Single Player maps. As with his popular previous releases, rll_Code-A- comes complete with an engaging back story that sets the tone for some serious Far Cry action! Robin is certainly maintaining a name for himself as a quality-driven map maker!

Intel has received a recent report from the AWLC regarding a staggering decline of marine life near Camber island. Close inspection reveled a large, heavily guarded chemical plant under Merc control, and that this is the direct cause of the declining marine life in that sector. They must be stopped. Intel has sent in a operative disguised as a Merc to undermine operations there...for the purpose of this operation, his code name is Snitchy; We lost contact with him shortly after the drop. The powers that be then sent in their top man -- Jack Carver; The last report was from the pilot: " --- We've been hit --- going down!!"!

A boat has been dispatched to retrieve the operatives, but lost contact at approximately 0900hrs. Hopefully Jack survived. This Agency cannot risk any more involvement, Intelligence reports suggest that the Mercs may dump the chemicals if pressed...

As always, the developer has provided some tips for you:

  • Conserve your weapons, There are not many to be found here
  • Be as stealthy as possible
  • Look for assets to make your mission easier
  • There is no wildlife on the island, due to the chemicals; Sound will travel because of this
  • Remember, they are waiting for you.

Once you find yourself in the world of rll_Code-A-, you will need to start off by sneaking in and finding Snitchy, then see what he knows. Find out what kind of chemicals the Mercs are manufacturing and what they plan on doing with them. Shut down the chemical plant and do not let any thing get off that island. If you think you can complete these few simple tasks, then all that's needed is for you to start your download...

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'sp_rll_codea.zip' (4.16MB)

                                     IMPORTANT READ ME

Far Cry is a game that can push a computer past what it is capable of. It is better to set the graphics
to a lower setting and play the game than to have the graphics and resolution too high and make it 
chopping and unstable. 

Copy the a folder and paste it into C:Program FilesUbisoftCrytekFar CryLevels Folder.

Start the game, when the game is running press ~ a command screen will pop up then type map a then press enter.

This game is passed what most computers are capable of so an AI control has been added  to make
the game easier to run and nessasary to play.

F is the use key in this game. You must press F at certain locations for certain items to activate.
The ai and physics controllers are manually engaged and will put the computers full power directly to the curent objective.
If you have mp_rll_annihilation in your levels folder,cut and past it to a benine folder before putting the a folder of code a.


User has to have a high end computer to play.

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