rll_Counter Revenge

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download finger ready to do what it's itching to do, as this is one Single-Player file that you're definitely going to want!Robin has made a return to add yet another quality map to your collection! This download will see you mixing it up with the baddies in a variety of locations including inside structures, while cruising down the river and more...Lots of fun and action are waiting for you in rll_Counter Revenge.Intel has reported a break-in at their main project lab. A list of the items stolen reveals an identical placement of the third stage of their barrier project. Items that were used in the break-in reveal Merc involvement, and GPS devices tracked the hardware to Velair, an old nuclear test site. If the Mercs get to the barriers fifth stage, they will be the first to have shields. Although in the early stages it would be effective in daunting the efforts to keep the Mercs under control, they would get their revenge for all that Jack has done. You are being sent in to counter their revenge. To this end, your mission is relatively straight forward: locate and destroy the 4B-HT tower.Robin has also provided some handy tips to complete rll_Counter Revenge:Be careful not to destroy vehicles.Be careful of high explosive objects.Shoot control panels on satellite towers to take them out.If doors cannot be shot out, then there is another way to open them.Look for switches that may or may not help you -- on your quest. Take your time, there are a lot of AI out there looking to make you dead. Refer to the readme for more information.


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