rll_ Counter Revenge Tec Map



stable, and because of this, there is a slim chance that it may crash on you, but don't let this minor annoyance deter you from have a seriously fragging good time!Lot's of destruction and mayhem can be had in rll_ Counter Revenge Tec Map as you attack the towers and bring them down in a crashing mound of debris. In the words of the developer: "This is the test map for the early HT towers. You will be operating without a net." rll_ Counter Revenge Tec Map is perfect if you don't have time to play a long game, and just want to mess around for a bit; Or maybe you're in the mood for mindless demolition and devastation, which is always good for calming the nerves! In either case, we have what you need! If this download with a sense of deja vu, it is because it is taken from rll_Counter Revenge and re-worked for your enjoyment.Refer to the readme for the developer's notes.


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