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After a bit of an absence, we are lucky to have Robin back with us to once again 'wow' you with some fantastic Far Cry adventu...


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After a bit of an absence, we are lucky to have Robin back with us to once again 'wow' you with some fantastic Far Cry adventure! This time your gaming experience will get a little spooky, with a bit of a dark ambiance...so if you're scared of things that go bump in the night, then you shouldn't leave furniture in the hallway...and you shouldn't visit the far away island Lucifer Island!

A little research on this island quickly yields an interesting history; Lucifer Island is one of the first islands to be under Kriegers control. Kriegers Second in Command abandoned it 25 years ago, after the Mercs claimed that it was haunted. Krieger agreed to this assessment by saying it wasn't fit for man nor Trigen. Even Merchant Captains stopped dropping off supplies, they were afraid of having a mutiny on their hands! No one has been there since.

Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find out what was going on from the beginning, and collect anything you can to use as proof. Stay alive at all costs, for there may be consequences of your death!

Robin has provided a few tips to surviving Lucifer Island: This map will take skill, wit, stamina and above all nerves. Do not explore the map, you could take out critical saves. Do not stand near switches, they may not reset. Some Dialed machinery are switches. Do not play in the dark.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'sp_rll_lucifer_island.zip' (7.11MB)

                                     IMPORTANT READ ME

Hi i'm rll this is the first scary map in the rll series.
It has rattled my nerves long enough now its time for it to rattle someone elses.(lol)
Have fun and good luck.
Comming soon sp_rll_barbarian2 (Jacks revenge)

Far Cry is a game that can push a game past what it is capable of. It is better to set the graphics
to a lower setting and play the game than to have the graphics and resolution too high and make it 
chopping and unstable. 

Copy the l folder and paste it into C:Program FilesUbisoftCrytekFar CryLevels Folder.

Start the game, when the game is running press ~ a command screen will pop up then type map l then press enter.

This game is passed what most computers are capable of so an AI and physics controllers has been added  to make
the game easier to run and nessasary to play.

The ai and physics controllers are manually engaged and will put the computers full power directly to the curent objective.


F is the use key in this game. You must press F at certain locations for certain items to activate.

Use tab key for objective info.

Minimum system requirements

3 ghz p4 processor
2 gigs system memory
sata hard drive -- 150 mbps data transfer
agp gforce 7 series graphics card with 512 mb ram      


This map will take skill,wit,stamina and above all nerves.
1: Do not explore the map,you could take out critical saves.
2: Do not stand near switches,they my not reset.
3: Some Dialed machinery are switches.
4: Do not play in the dark lol.

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