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Springcreature Clan is proud to present their 2v2 Mappack - 14 assault maps for 2v2! You...


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Springcreature Clan is proud to present their [SC] 2v2 Mappack - 14 assault maps for 2v2! You can expect some very original designed maps and existing top class maps which are converted to 2v2. There is a little something here for every Far Cry gamer, boredom is not an option, and will not be found here! You'll find a desert city, a foggy graveyard, a trailerpark, an indoor map, a south-asian village, russian cities and many more surroundings where you can show your Far Cry skills.

mp_2v2_aztec - [SC]BelovedMonster (tweaked version of the previously released mp_2v2_aztec) mp_2v2_dive - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_fatality - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_graveyard_v1 - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_graveyard_v2 - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_hangar - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_harbor - [SC]BelovedMonster (previously released) mp_2v2_lenin_v1 - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_lenin_v2 - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_peace - [SC]BelovedMonster mp_2v2_predator - [SC]BushDoktor mp_2v2_prey_veng - [SC]BushDoktor mp_2v2_trailer_trash - [SC]BushDoktor

mp_2v2_urbanite - [SC]BushDoktor

Much thanks goes out to [SC]BelovedMonster for sending this in to us!!

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Download 'sc_2v2_mappack.exe' (185.53MB)

To install, run the enclosed .exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

Thanks go to all the people who helped us testing or in any other way, like [A.I.]-crew and rubin. Also, credits and thanks must go to the mapmakers of the original versions of the top class maps we used. Specific information for each map is found on the loadscreen.  

We really hope you enjoy the maps. Let us know what you think here or at the [SC] website: www.springcreature.net. You can contact us there.

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