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There is another mod in the works, Secret Project[/i...


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There is another mod in the works, Secret Project by Dieter007; The setting is typical Far Cry, the storey could be a continuation of the original Far Cry storey...Jack (you) and his contact (Doyle) are still on the hunt for the notorious Dr Kreig, however, this time, the hunt spawns across four islands in the Pacific while you attempt to shut down his secret research lab, and thwart his plans. Work is still being done on this mod, but the developer has made availablr a gamepaly traler so that the community can see how it's rogreeing.

There are quite a few new changes in the works for this mod, including new weapons, as you can see from the WIP image of a SMG. Have a look at the Beta release of the trailer, you won't be dissappointed!

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Download 'secretproject.beta.trailer.rar' (16.42MB)

Download, extract, and enjoy.

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