Robert-33 has returned to update his fun-to-play mod that changes the gameplay of Far Cry like no other! For those of you not in the know, this modification will make a couple small changes to your stock game, and, although these are small changes, they make a huge impact on your gaming experience! Imaging being able to cloak yourself with the intent of sneaking up on a couple Trigens...or maybe there are four or five Mercs standing about just waiting to catch a glimpse of you, well, with this download, you will have this opportunity.

Another change that is found in SOLDIER that will make this game seem more hollywood-ish is the slo-mo factor, now you will also have the option to slow things down to add a whole new dimension to your Far Cry universe.

Features of this download include:

  • Two builds available:
    • SOLDIER-low is intended for older, P4 machines
    • SOLDIER-high is for faster, Dual or Quad core machines with fast video cards
  • Slow motion
  • Cloaking ability

Those of you that have tried to enjoy the prvious version, but were left somewhat incomplete, then this version is well worth the price of a free download!

Changes in this version include:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the completion of the last version.
  • Added menu background.
  • Added a song.

Refer to the readme for more information.



Readme, Updated 17th May, 2008
This mod is composed of two builds.
SOLDIER-low is intended for older, P4 1-2Ghz machines.
SOLDIER-high is for faster, Dual or Quad core machines with fast video cards.

Please run the correct build suited to your machine, or else the slo-motion
will function incorrectly.
This mod adds two functions, Cloaking, (Invisibility) and Slow-Motion, to Far Cry.
This allows a whole new strategic approach to the game.
To toggle Cloaking,press T (This isn't infinite, but will recharge)
To toggle Slo-Mo, press B (This is infinite)
You need to start a new game for this mod to function correctly.
Just ignore the level select list.

Dual MP7s by Matto.
Credit for slo-mo code must go to "Project Far Cry" team.
This mod impliments the "fixed_timestep" command which
is actually part of FC, but I would never have
figured it out without them.
Menu song is "Paint your target" by Fightstar.
All other coding etc, by Robert-33

Please Enjoy!

Robert-33 *Japan Forever!*
Email: (Robert-33 AT hotmail DOT com)


Beta 4--
Fixed horrible bug, which prevented first map from completing.
Added menu background + song.

Beta 3--
Split mod into two builds, and added fix for high end machines.

Beta 2--
Lowered MP7 accuracy and damage, plus fixed a minor script bug.

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