This is a sequel to sp_Breakthrough, and the action continues! If you en...


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This is a sequel to sp_Breakthrough, and the action continues! If you enjoy single player games, as I do, then this is a must have! There are some nice open spaces for those of you that like to jump into the thick of things and take your chances...for those that prefer to play this (or any other game) true to life, and use cover, tactics and skill, then the opportunity for you to enjoy this map is present as well.

There are a few bugs still present in this map, however, chimella has listed the known ones, and the how to work around them; All of this information can be found in the ReadMe, along with a request for help from multiplayer mappers.

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Download 'sp_arena_v7.rar' (8.49MB)

This is a sequel to Breakthrough. It is a single player custom level for Far Cry.

Guidance notes for playing:
I have played this level through a number of times and it seems free of bugs
I am pretty certain there is only one way to cross the mountains (the obvious way) but if you find a short cut you will miss most of the game
Please pay attention to on-screen hints and keep checking your objectives if you are stuck, they may change while you are not looking
The mountain jaunt does end abruptly pay attention to objectives
I once got stuck in bushes if this happens lie down and crawl out
I have added friendly forces who mostly appear near the end
Yes apparently you can have rectangular arenas

How to Play:

Unzip the sp_arena folder into the Far Cry Levels folder
Run Far Cry and at main menu open the command line console (top leftmost key just below escape on my keyboard)
type the following:
\map sp_arena   (NOT /map sp_arena)
Hit Enter and the game should load

I am looking for people who have created good multiplayer maps that have not really seen daylight for conversion to short single player
maps, full honours  will be given in the loadscreen etc, if you have any I could use please contact me at the email address given below.
There seems to be an excess of multiplayer maps and since I find the terrain/buildings part a bit tedious it seems a good idea. 

By downloading and using this game you agree to the following:
That the author of this game level is in no way responsible for loss or damage arising from the use or abuse of this game level
That you are allowed to distribute this game level freely but without charge
Any modifications of the game level and/or any charge levied for distributing the game level should not be done without the author's permission

Thank you

chimella@talk21 (dot) com

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