This is a small mod that will change all of the weapons in the single-player Far Cry to make them more realistic; the zoom, clip loads, and the amount of damage inflicted are some examples; Damage inflicted by some of the ingame AI has also been modified. These adjustments definately make the game more interesting!

Check out the readme for more information, and installation instructions.



Programmer:	Uncle Benny

-Far Cry

	This small modification for Far Cry will significantly alter all of the weapons in the single-player game to make them realistic.  New zoom levels, damage values, and a lot of other weapons' scripts have also been changed.  I don't yet know how to edit the textures of this game or I would have included a few dozen new skins for characters and weapons with this mod as well.  I've made a shitload of mods for Bridge Commander and have also done a couple for Soldier of Fortune 2 but this is my first Far Cry modification so go easy on me when you rate this mod.
	I've also adjusted the AI to player damage values to make the game's difficulty more bearable - in easy mode for example, it will now take 4-6 strikes from a pink trigen to kill Jack when he has full health and armor, NOT ONE!!!!!!!  ALL weapons have been rebalanced to have realistic firepower and magazine capacity, and Jack's ammunition complements have all been changed.  The firing rates of many weapons have also been changed as well - I think that most of you will find the single-player game to be much more fun with this mod installed!!!
	Also if anyone could tell me what software I need to edit Far Cry's textures I would really appreciate it.

	Take the archive, "ZFCMod.pak", and place it into "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry\FCData" and it will automatically be extracted and take effect the next time you run Far Cry - I recommend that you delete any saved games and start the game from the beginning to fully enjoy this little mod!!!

	This might just be my problem, but sometimes your saved games will not show up in the "load checkpoint" menu - you'll need to exit the game and then go back to it and they'll appear again.  I also got some minor errors going into certain levels; again, this could just be my problem.  If some one wants to re-archive these files so that they work better and re-release this mod, they certainly can - I used WinRAR to archive my custom files into a PAK archive without knowing the compression level that Far Cry likes.

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